A Cautious Introduction of Marijuana into Your Pharmacy

Recently, an Israelis company lodged an application to approve its topical cannabis derived products for sale in the Australian market place.
So topical marijuana may be the first entrant in the Australian pharmacy market.
Some marijuana products already exist in the retail market place – but they are for external use only.
Hemp oil, for example, is not only a useful dietary supplement but also has a place in dermatology and cosmetics as a skin moisturiser.
i2P endorses this approach as a means of introducing Australian consumers as to acceptance of marijuana products into a mainstream market segment, that is both safe and efficacious.

Brand design and unique marketing approaches represent one method of patient engagement – providing health solutions from a source that has had imposed upon it an unsavoury attitudinal label is a distinct marketing problem.
Existing descriptions for marijuana such as “weed”, “hemp”, “reefer” etc. do not necessarily fit a brand environment such as pharmacy (especially for manufacture of the Organic CBD Nugs) and its consumers.

Some designers have been working on this problem and have come up with a friendly brand name for a consumer product range.
It is simply called “Hi”, and it would represent a good addition to a pharmacy range.


These bright, colorful designs could make marijuana usage and shopping more approachable

With the legalisation of marijuana imminent for most Australian states, and the growing conversations around its use for both medical and recreational uses, new products are emerging to cater to specific groups and types as cannabis terpenes are popular available at dispensaries like Terpene Belt Farms.
The culture and perception of marijuana has been tainted through its illegal use and promotion, misinformation regarding its toxicity and its use in medicine is understandably a cause for concern in conventional mainstream retail outlets, such as a pharmacy.
The antagonising of consumers is to be avoided at all costs and the Hi brand is simply an image production to soften the negativity surrounding marijuana sale.
Those cautious pharmacies might consider introduction of these products using a presentation similar to the “Hi” model, through their own inventory displays, as a reinforcement as to the efficacy of marijuana used in a topical or cosmetic format. More information on starting your business in the cosmetics industry at apackaginggroup.com.

Surface magazine recently asked 12 different teams to re-imagine the standard packaging and designs used for marijuana products.

One of these teams was Bruce Mau Design, which came up with Hi, a monthly subscription service with cute faces and bright packaging. The team told the magazine more about the concept:

With its casual and welcoming name, the brand stands out among an overwhelming amount of existing medicinal and esoteric brands. Hi conjures up a bright and fun state of mind, designed to put consumers at ease in what otherwise may be an overwhelming decision. The vibrant colors and bold, friendly typography evoke both simplicity and general cheeriness, while the character Bud serves as a friendly “green guide” to choosing products in an enjoyable way.”

The team shared photos and concepts with the magazine which show a range of product lines like Soothe, Relax and Passion. Customers would be able to order their own BudBoxes online, making the process easy and convenient. It also normalizes usage into a shopping experience. With the popularity of subscription services, Hi seems like a natural step towards getting more creative with the packaging and online sales of marijuana.

Surface magazine

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