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The precursor to I2P E-Magazine was a newsletter first published in February 2000 titled Computachem E-Newsletter.
From very humble beginnings, and with only one writer, it has now grown to a production covering almost every aspect of pharmacy in all its dimensions.
Writers and subscribers have increased to service the demand for current insights into the pharmacy industry of today.
We encourage writers to present well-researched Opinion articles which is the point of difference when compared to other online pharmacy publications, and we intersperse this content with topical news stories and reports of interest to pharmacists. By default, i2P has become a thought leader within the pharmacy profession.

i2P was the first attempt in Australian pharmacy to use the medium of the Internet for communication of pharmacy news, issues and events.
Our name and logo illustrate that we are fully integrated into the Information Technology medium.

We welcome any input from our readership, and you are welcome to try your hand at writing an article at any time (visit the “Contribute” link in the top navigation bar).
Alternatively, you can contribute by adding a comment at the foot of an article.
If you would like a specific topic researched, and presented in I2P, we are happy to do so on request.
At i2P we are dedicated to publishing all the information necessary to manage and understand the changes evolving around us, and to give perspective and structure to them.

Our writers hold strong personal opinions about their subjects and offer them with potential solutions. All are pharmacists, or people closely associated with pharmacy.
They are the first to realise that they will not have the complete answer for every problem, but they are prepared to speak out, and enter into a debate with any reader who wants to become part of this unique online community.

Analysis and opinion is the point of differentiation between i2P and all other pharmacy e-publications.

July 2014 has seen i2P modify its platform to allow for ease of publication through a more regulated work flow, reducing the tensions of having to deal with large volumes of content in a restricted time-frame.
It also coincides with the point in time that the pharmacy profession is realising that its business model is outdated and that a rebuilding and an invigoration of culture is an urgent priority.
i2P, through its thought leadership, is continuing  to contribute to the shape and direction of the profession into its future.

We hope you enjoy reading and keeping up to date with all the contemporary issues of pharmacy through the medium of i2P.
Potential subscribers should also note that we have a strict privacy policy guaranteeing that any information will not be re-used for any other purpose (a copy of the policy appears on the “SUBSCRIBE” page, as does the panel for “UNSUBSCRIBE” should you wish to discontinue your subscription.

Editor: Neil Johnston
Address: P.O Box 297 Alstonville. 2477


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