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Welcome to the current edition of i2P (Information to Pharmacists) dated Monday 12 June 2017.
In these days of a globalist movement becoming more visible and its objectives serving only corporate profits, there has sprung up an awareness movement to expose the corruption, manipulation and control that has blunted our personal freedoms and ideals.

Globalism is so insidious –  and now, of such proportions and so multi-dimensional as to be impossible to manage or check that it has become (for the individual) overpowering and overwhelming.
A disenfranchisement that is constantly being fed through manufactured news in mainstream media, a loss of democratic rights as globalist lobby groups “buy” the votes of our politicians who have left their ethics so far behind them that conflict of interest is an active part of daily business performed in plain sight.
Worst of all, one of the major platforms of democracy – an investigative and balanced media – has now disappeared and has merged into the globalist camp as their primary force for manufactured news and manipulative news as a general “dumbing down” process that further allows corruption to flourish.
As mentioned above, an awareness movement has sprung up to fill the vacuum created by mainstream media, but it is young, lacking in financial resources. However, it is quicker on its feet.
It is the independent Internet publisher that is trying to redress the communications imbalance and finding new ways to network and bring accurate communications to the public at large.

At best, communication can be very difficult, at worst, disastrous.

True,effective communication is much more than words, but words are central to any message we desire to share.

Used poorly, words can confuse and mislead. This is deliberately employed by mainstream media.

Used wisely, they can move much more than mountains. They can move people and nations.
The recent Trump election win is a testament to that.
Mainstream media was caught with its pants down and is still trying to work out what went wrong.

With words we can make some people laugh, others cry.
We can inspire, motivate and encourage some; others we can aggravate, discourage or shame.
We can move some to love us, others to hate us.
With words we can persuade some to perform noble deeds, others, if we are so inclined, to heinous deeds of evil.

Napoleon once said: “There are two powers in the world – the sword and the pen, the former is always conquered by the latter.”
Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill used this method to inspire their countries in times of great stress, as did Hitler to warp the soul of his nation.

Used sincerely, words hold the master key to all effective leading, teaching and relationships, especially family relationships, which rise or fall largely on the basis of how well, or otherwise, family members communicate.

Fortunately, we don’t have to be gifted orators to communicate effectively.
Mostly, we just need to use simple words and be genuine, sincere and authentic.

Logic may tell us what to do, but emotion is what moves us to do it.
Science has become hostage to the globalist movement who see it as a way of creating a “one world” form of a dictatorship through “scientism”.
Evidence-based science is simply a “pointer” for a skilled practitioner to apply to activities that will benefit mankind.
Scientism is the rigid application of a form of science that has been fabricated and manipulated for globalist control purposes.
Medical science and climate science have become victims of the scientism globalist movement.
In practice  there’s no need to convince people of the science of climate change or of medicine, if you can sell people a better, cheaper, cleaner, and more practical way to power their lives.
Shaming, lecturing, and trying to control people’s behavior through the political process for unclear results and opaque benefits is not serving this cause well, as sound as the science might be and as noble as the cause may be.
But globalists have little concern for the human condition, and in the case of medical science, rates in the top three for causes of death.
In reality scientism is unsound science and never noble.


You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”
William Wilberforce

Our lead article for this edition actually describes a process that will unshackle the world’s currencies that could become a global, but decentralised gold-backed universal currency.
It could drastically reduce the power of the globalist movement.
Banks, like mainstream media, are an essential part of the power-centre of the Globalists.
Blockchain technology is the magical ingredient that will underwrite the Programmable Economy, which first appears daunting because of the ability to co-opt artificial intelligence systems to develop algorithms that will further drive robotic systems.
It’s like living by remote control.
But there are some good things like the ability to eliminate corruption and eradicate SPAM.
I am not sure whether the good things will outweigh the bad, but initial developments such as gold-based digital currency and tamper proof records such as land titles and patient health seem to be a step in the right direction.
Government intervention to keep blockchain fully decentralised will be essential for this technology’s survival and to avoid manipulation by the Globalists.
Read: Blockchain – disruptive technology behind “cryptocurrencies” and now set to invade health.

As Gerald Quigley points out in his current article, pain is associated with many health issues, including mental health.
For all these reasons it is important for pharmacists to involve themselves in the regulation of medical cannabis, including the rescheduling of CBD to be transferred to the Schedule 3 Poison’s List. In that capacity it can unite with pharmacist personal involvement and provide better patient management in nearly all the ailments noted in Gerald’s article, particularly chronic pain, anxiety and depression.
 Pain, anxiety and depression, memory issues

Medical cannabis represents one of the more interesting opportunities available to pharmacists for the treatment of existing patients and to attract new patients.
Pharmacy leaders need to be proactive in the regulatory area because other health professionals will be competing to lock pharmacy out of any opportunity whatsoever.
Potential for pharmacists is found in the compounding of THC and CBD in specific ratios to match the best result for patients with chronic illness.
Further pharmacist potential also lies in using cannabinoids in harm minimisation programs involving opioid dependencies and as an adjunct for the management of pain.
Pharmacists also need to be active and have a voice in the regulation of these substances ensuring that maximum patient access can be obtained through the application of Schedule 3 of the Poison’s Act.
Additional future potential for pharmacists may also be found in the 3D printing of specific cannabinoids and the tailoring of these substances to match the genetics of each individualised patient.
Read: Understanding Medical Cannabis – 1. Lucy Haslam Medical Cannabis Symposium 2. Cannabis Helps Leukemia 3. CBD Improves Schizophrenia Symptoms 4. DEA Reality Problem “Marijuana not Medicine”

There is something wrong with Australia’s public health policy, in particular the policies pertaining to vaccines.
Daily, these policies are exposed as being biased and unsafe.
Yet our politicians and medical health leaders pretend to remain blind to unsafe practices.
“First do no harm” as the foundation of all medical practice now has a hollow ring to it and public confidence is further eroded as they find they have little choice in being able refuse a vaccine they have inadequate knowledge about.
Any queries on vaccine safety are aggressively disposed of and the complainant labelled “anti Vaxer”- no voice at all for “safe vax”.
The safe vaccination debate is continued here, despite the fact that it is not recognised by the extreme pro and anti-vax participants. The pro-vax proponents sustain their immoral position with dishonest tactics and communications.
The anti-vax proponents also hold extremist views because vaccination principles are generally sound.
It is only the manufacturers who are the real villains in this drama because they continue to make unsafe vaccines and develop new vaccines without any formal evidence.
Read: Safe Vaccine Debate – 1. Pharmacist vaccination 2. Dr Judy Wilyman Report 3. Professor Abby Lippman “Write, Rant & Speak Up”

I often ponder the lost opportunities that pharmacists let go and wonder if it is just too hard sometimes or a failure of leaders just simply not trying because there are other, easier avenues, to go down.
If it is the latter, then don’t complain if your chosen profession is not delivering its potential.
So there’s only you to blame!
Harvey Mackay gives reasons in his current article.
Read: The worst failure is the failure to try

Barry Urquhart’s articles provide real insights into current management and marketing culture. Pharmacists can readily adapt this material for incorporation into their own policies and forward planning exercises.
Read: Marketing Focus – Six Essays on Management and Marketing

And we conclude the offering for the current edition with some media releases from some of pharmacy’s leadership organisations.

PSA – PSA Media Releases – 1. Excellence awards for Innovative Pharmacists 2. Revised Competency Standards 3. NZ Pharmacist enrols in Leadership Course

ASMI – ASMI Media Releases – Combination medication provides innovative option for pain relief when taken as directed

NPS – NPS Media Releases – Spirometry, the gold standard for COPD diagnosis, is underused in Australia

We hope you enjoy the current content and please do not hesitate to offer your own comment in the panel provided at the foot of each article.

Neil Johnston
Editor, i2P E-Magazine
Monday 12 June 2017

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