This page is an evolving page to host clinical tools or links to clinical tools.
Along the way we propose to catalogue a range of pharmacy clinical services in a manner that suits their promotion within a pharmacy environment.

At the moment. this is a collection of thoughts gradually being formed up into a recognisable and scalable shape and behind that pattern, appropriate backup is being designed to allow service delivery within a pharmacy.

Prevention & Wellness





Monitoring & Management


Prevention and Wellness:

The underwriting of all primary health activities involves access to a constant range of patient biometrics.
New opportunities are entering the market in the form of skin patches embedded with tiny micro-sensors that are encased with soft stick-on patches that stretch and move with the skin and incorporate commercial, off-the-shelf chip-based electronics for sophisticated wireless health monitoring.
VIEW VIDEO demonstrating flexibility of the new device

closeup of devicevideo of microfluidic health monitor
The patches stick to the skin like a temporary tattoo and incorporate a unique microfluidic construction with wires folded like origami to allow the patch to bend and flex without being constrained by the rigid electronics components. The patches could be used for everyday health tracking – wirelessly sending updates to your cellphone or computer – and could revolutionize clinical monitoring such as EKG and EEG testing – no bulky wires, pads or tape needed.