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  1. It is refreshing that a publication such as yours doesn’t shy from pointing out some worrying flaws in the ‘health system.’ You are spot on in your assessment of Friends of Science in Medicine and their agenda ‘to “own” all of health,’ as well as the injustice of Big Pharma’s executives getting away with serious fraud.

    Thank you for pointing out the deficiency of the NHMRC’s investigation into Homeopathy. This is not the only issue in which the NHMRC has shown bias. The panel for its current review of water fluoridation is stacked with known proponents of fluoridation, and though this review is not yet complete, the CEO stated in February that they are expected to maintain their support of fluoridation as effective and safe. This is despite a lot of evidence from reputable scientists to the contrary, including recent studies linking fluoridation with thyroid disease, and with ADHD.

    This begs the question, is the NHMRC serving the best interests of Australian citizens?

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