1. Dear Neil,
    PSA’s position is clearly articulated in detail in our 2015-16 Federal Budget Submission, available on our website here: http://www.psa.org.au/news/submission-to-2015-16-federal-budget , and referenced in all of our recent communications on this topic. At the forum PSA held on this topic in August, the first of its kind in Australia, we had international and Australian experts, representatives from RACGP, AMA, CHF and other organisations, all engaging in constructive discussions and mapping out a way forward. PSA is working hard on a number of fronts to progress this important area of collaborative practice. We are equally supportive of and have actively contributed to the work being done to progress pharmacist prescribing, through the HWA Health Professionals Prescribing project, as stated in our media release.
    Alison Roberts
    Executive Director, Policy
    Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

  2. Dear Alison,
    Thanks for the clarification and I am pleased to note that pharmacist prescribing is being actively supported as a separate issue.
    I do hope that pharmacist prescribing becomes a reality sooner, rather than later, as Australian pharmacists seem to lag the rest of the world in this aspect of practice.
    That is the primary concern, not so much that prescribing will not form part of a practice pharmacist’s role initially.
    As with the experience of our NZ practice pharmacist writer, when it becomes part of our scope of practice it will somehow find its way into a GP practice setting over time.

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