1. I wonder what role the emergence of “marketing groups” has had on disengagement? Has it been an easy option to hand the opportunity to engage, over to a person brilliantly trained in Coca Cola and used car tyres, but not able to understand the role of the pharmacist? Has the pharmacist “dropped the ball” in the game of engagement?

    • I appreciate your valued comment Gerald.
      The retail disease has given rise to the pursuit of financial gains where we see organisations such as banks robbing their customers even though they have credo’s and missions you would think were an extension of a holy book.
      Gerald, we live in the era of the bottom line, an infection so strong it has manipulated the minds of governments, business, not for profit organisations and is spreading faster and stronger than any disease seen on the face of this earth.
      Its’ symptoms are a degeneration of the backbone of moral cultures accompanied with the pain of neglecting societies, this will and has started to lead to a community up-rising where people don’t want to be seen as numbers anymore and would rather be seen as humans.
      With pharmacies having to juggle reforms, rising overhead costs, rent, wages, stock…. they haven’t just dropped one ball, they are dropping many balls.
      How can pharmacies sincerely engage with customers when they are having to relieve staff due to significant losses? and Has the governments’ reforms thrown a heavy medicine ball to the juggler instead of a tennis ball?
      I would love to know your views and the readers views about this topic.
      Thank you Gerald

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