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  1. Sending this to you with information to which the media and vested interests deny your access. With the new debate re financial penalties for those exercising their freedom of choice, it is interesting to note that the public poll showed over 60% do NOT want those parents penalised. This was today on the ABC poll.There is much evidence re the risks, especially neurological damage to developing brains, from just one vaccine, let alone the cumulative toll of the poisonous materials involved being directly injected into the blood, bypassing even their immature immune systems. The foreign substances in vaccines are ever increasing and within the last few years have gone from chicken to various animals, and now includes in some vaccine, tissues from aborted human foetuses.
    And despite all the attempt to insinuate otherwise, vaccinations do not give immunity, certainly not for a lifetime, as exposure to ‘normal’ childhood illnesses does give to those exposed. Most of those now stigmatised and demonised childhood conditions gave nothing more than a few days of discomfort with rash and temperature, but now they have been mutated into much more serious conditions that require hospitalisation, such as measles. Or like Varicella [ chicken pox ] vax, have produced an epidemic of shingles, but we are lucky because the company that gave us the CP vax have now created a Shingles vax !! And the money rolls in.
    Your considered response for basic rights of people to decide for themselves whether injecting toxins into their babies is valid or not [ and despite the noise from vested interests, the evidence is not conclusive, nor is it all in ], is critical.

    Kind regards

    Keith Bastian

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