Government Vaccination Policy – Research Uncovers Anomalies

Editor’s Note: Judy Wilyman, a PhD student based at the University of Wollongong, is researching government vaccination policies.
And it’s just as well, because vaccination policy is all over the place, seemingly driven by vaccine manufacturers with little regard for human safety.
Judy is very courageous because she writes truthfully and from an evidence base.

And because of that she is criticised in a highly personal sense to the extent of vilification through websites that have a common agenda.

i2P has become one of her supporters because her work is important and facts need to reach pharmacists to enable them to make good choices and recommendations for their patients, particularly as some are now becoming accredited to administer vaccines in pharmacy professional clinics set up for the purpose.
There are considerable legal and professional implications for pharmacists surrounding vaccine administration.

It is particularly noticeable that government is lagging in its perception of how to regulate what is fast becoming a threat to many patients through vaccines not properly investigated for efficacy and toxicity.
The Abbott government’s recent announcement to discriminate against a minority group who are opposed to vaccinating children unsafely, should concern us all because of all the issues this action raises.

Judy is currently lobbying against HPV vaccine because it has already damaged many women (including Australians) to the extent that overseas governments are pressing criminal charges against manufacturers and banning the vaccine.
Judy’s current lobbying activity tells her own story as follows:

Whooping Cough Vaccine
The media is again promoting whooping cough vaccine on anecdotal evidence and not the statistical evidence of the risk of the disease to the majority of children in the community. Here is an article that was published by researchers on the 27 November 2014 describing the known lack of efficacy of this vaccine. This information is consistent with the information I presented in my major research project on this topic in 2006 and the government’s answer is still the same – add more boosters. This is not the answer when there are side-effects to the vaccine and when the risk of whooping cough is directly related to environmental conditions i.e it was not a risk to the majority of children in developed countries after 1950 when nutrition, hygiene and sanitation were improved.

Here is the article. Please pass it on and investigate the history of whooping cough before you are frightened into using this vaccine based on anecdotal evidence presented in media campaigns.  

The article is titled

Whooping cough cases rise among infants, raise concerns vaccine may be losing effectiveness 

 Lobbying letter to the Human Rights Commissioner
To the Australian Human Rights Commission

To Commissioner Wilson,

Over the last 4-5 years the concerned community has written many letters to the Minister of Health and to the Human Rights Commission to request that our right to informed consent in vaccination policies is maintained – without linking vaccination to welfare benefits and employment. Our letters and requests have been ignored and coercive vaccination policies have existed in Australia since the late 1990’s.

In your letter of the 10 September 2014 you stated that your role was to ‘look at issues of systemic policy’ and you used this as an excuse not to address the community’s concerns about the information that was being provided to the community to promote HPV vaccines as a prevention for cervical cancer. However, I believe that informed consent is an issue of systemic policy (government vaccination policies) and it is also a human right that is protected in all international codes of human rights, hence this issue does come under the jurisdiction of the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Please see that attachment for the international human rights codes that protect our right to informed consent which was accepted as a submission for the draft Human Rights and Anti-discrimination bill in Australia in November 2012. Since 2012 Australia has had 4 Ministers of Health (3 are copied into this email). None of these health ministers have qualifications in science or medicine and they are dependent upon the information provided to them by members of the vaccine advisory boards, many of whom have perceived conflicts of interest, including the chairman of ATAGI.

Please read the information provided in my latest newsletter that I have researched in my PhD over the last 5 years. This information is not being presented by the mainstream media and individuals that present these arguments are being disparaged by subscribers of lobby groups such as the Australian Skeptics  and SAVN.

Public health is at risk if the right to informed consent of medical procedures is not maintained in government public health policies and Australia’s vaccination policies are unethical because they use financial incentives and employment to encourage the uptake of vaccines – not evidence-based medicine.

I am bringing this information to you from the medical literature and on behalf of the concerned Australian community. I request that you ensure that the Minister of Social Services, Scott Morrison, does not remove the philosophical and religious exemptions from vaccination policies and that all Australians have the right to refuse vaccines without the need for a medical certificate or the fear of losing their jobs. The current vaccination policies are breaching the Good Medical Practice guidelines because it is patients that are required to give their consent to a medical procedure and a doctor’s signature should not be required to refuse this medical intervention.

This is an open letter and I look forward to your response and actions in protecting our human right to bodily integrity.

Kind regards,

Judy Wilyman

PhD Candidate

Freedom of Speech in Australia and the HPV Vaccine

In January 2015 a US medical practitioner of many years experience was prevented from touring Australia and speaking publicly about the medical literature on vaccines. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, was due to speak in venues in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide at pre-booked venues that had been publicised months in advance. Yet on 27 January 2015 she cancelled her tour citing concern for her safety and those attending. Most venues had cancelled her talks because pro-vaccine lobby groups (many of whom are promoting industry interests) threatened their livelihood. Pro-vaccine lobby groups are claiming that a debate of the medical literature on vaccines “is a danger to public health”. 

Yet it is a debate of the medical literature, evidence-based medicine, that is necessary to protect public health. The medical literature should not be removed from the debate because it informs the public of the risks of vaccines – all the science needs to be debated. And the debate should not be framed as pro or anti-vaccination – it is only the media that is framing it this way. Informed choice is about debating all the science in the medical literature

Why is the Australian public being prevented by the media and pro-vaccine lobby groups from seeing all the medical literature on vaccines? Science is about scrutiny of the evidence, not selective evidence, yet Australian journalists have been informed by the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) that they do not have to present the other side of the vaccination debate. How can population health be protected if all the science is not being presented to make an informed choice? Here is the science that is being left out of the vaccination debate. Public health is at risk if the government is developing public health policies on selective science controlled by lobby groups.

Australian state and federal legislation is infringing on freedom of speech, association and peaceful protests in Australia and a Melbourne Human Rights Lawyer, Emily Howe, has discussed these concerns that are currently in a report before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.  

For more information about vaccines to complement the government literature visit 

HPV Vaccine 
In 2011 I asked the Australian public health authorities why sodium borate and polysorbate 80 are found in the HPV vaccine? These ingredients are known to cause infertility in laboratory animals. The Australian regulatory board for vaccines did not provide an answer to this question.The aluminium adjuvant found in HPV vaccines is also linked to causing neurological disorders and autoimmune diseases yet in
December 2014 the FDA approved a new HPV vaccine that contains double the amount of aluminium adjuvant as the current HPV vaccine. The current HPV vaccines have been linked to thousands of serious adverse events and adolescents will now be receiving 1,500 mcg of aluminium adjuvant from 3 doses of the new HPV vaccine if it is approved in Australian school vaccination programs. This amount of aluminium has never been tested in long-term studies of children’s health.
The World Health Organisation states that Pap screening is the safest and most effective method of detecting and preventing cervical cancer in women. 

World Health Organisation (WHO), 2008. Preparing for the Introduction of HPV Vaccine in the WHO European Region: Strategy Paper. Vaccine-Preventable Diseases and Immunisation Program. WHO Regional Office for Europe. Denmark.  

HPV Vaccines and Fertility
Dr. Deirdre Little, an Obstetrician in NSW Australia, reveals that HPV vaccines have never been tested in animal studies for the effects on the reproductive system before they were implemented in global vaccination programs targeting adolescents The information that she presents in her video presentation was published in the British Medical Journal in 2012 and she describes the lack of safety and efficacy known about HPV vaccines before they were introduced. The lack of animal studies done on this vaccine is significant because it is necessary to test vaccines in animals to understand the possible adverse events that might occur in humans. This is particularly the case for determining the long-term safety of the vaccines in humans and specifically the effects on the human reproductive organs and fertility. 

IOM states Vaccines can cause Autism

Currently the Australian government is considering removing the philosophical exemptions to vaccines yet in 2001 the Institute of Medicine (IOM) stated that vaccines are a plausible cause of autism. This link was not confirmed because it was stated that further research was needed to prove the causal mechanism. In other words, the link has not been disproven as governments and media are claiming. Despite the knowledge that vaccines may be causing autism (and other significant neurological damage in children) governments are continuing to recommend an increasing number of vaccines to children, pregnant women and adults in mandatory vaccination programs. This is a reversal of the precautionary principle that is used to protect environmental and public health.  

In addition, the Australian Health Department is claiming there is ‘conclusive evidence that there is no link between MMR vaccine and autism (HCCC Committee Report, submission 52 p.5). Yet this claim is not based on all the medical literature. It also does not address the wider issue of whether other vaccines (or ingredients such as mercury and aluminium) are causing autism, or whether the combined schedule of childhood vaccines is a cause of autism. Here is the information from the IOM:

In 2001 the Institute of Medicine (IOM) stated that an association between mercury exposure (in vaccines) and neurodevelopmental disorders including autism, attention deficit hyper-activity disorder (ADHD) and speech delay was biologically plausible. However, in 2004 the IOM concluded ‘The body of evidence favoured rejection of a causal relationship between thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism and that the hypothesis generated to date, concerning the biological mechanism for such causality, are theoretical only’ [1 p3].    

In other words, the theory was not accepted because the mechanism of how vaccines cause autism wasn’t proven, not because the theory had been disproved. The IOM is claiming that it is possible that vaccines are causing autism but we don’t know how so we will not accept the theory. 

There are many independent studies that have concluded that mercury causes acrodynia, poisoning, allergic reaction, malformations, autoimmune reactions, developmental delay, tics, speech delay, language delay, attention deficit disorder and autism. There are also other ingredients of vaccines such as aluminium adjuvants that are linked to causing autoimmune diseases and other chronic illness. But these studies were not included in the analysis of the vaccine/autism link. In addition, there is no study that has investigated the combined schedule of vaccines and the link with autism to conclusively reject this theory. During the nineties many of the new vaccines contained thimerosal – an organic mercury-based compound – and chronic illness in children escalated 4 fold in Australia during this decade.
The IOM has also based its conclusions on a selection of studies, many of which were described in a US Congressional Hearing into Thimerosal in 2003 as being of poor design, under-powered and fatally flawed. In addition, the main author of the CDC funded Denmark study that has been used to debunk this theory was charged with 13 counts of fraud in 2011. This was followed in August 2014 by a CDC whistleblower who admitted manipulating the data in a 2004 study that investigated the link between MMR and Autism. An author of this study admitted that the conclusions were made by omitting some of the data.

A cover up of safety data by government regulators is facilitated by the conflicts of interest which exist on vaccine advisory boards and within the roles of government regulators of vaccines. The role of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), includes sponsoring vaccine research, approving vaccines for the market and monitoring the safety of these products in the population. These government regulators are 100% funded by the industry whose drugs they approve for the market. It is described as a cost-recovery system. The TGA has the conflicting role of monitoring the safety of the same drugs that it approves for the market for profit.  

It has been observed that the Australian government website and the media are also presenting selective research on vaccination as well as misinformation about the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Here is a link to the many websites that are presenting the concerns about vaccines. And the complete referenced article for this newsletter can be found here The Plausible link between Vaccines and Autism’. Other articles confirming the plausible link between vaccines and autism can be found here.

Many countries including Australia have coercive vaccination policies that use financial incentives and jobs to encourage the use of vaccines. Australia is currently considering the removal of philosophical exemptions to vaccines as other US states have already done. Please sign this petition to stand up for your right to fully informed consent to all medical procedures – including vaccination which is a prevention used in healthy people. 

Human Rights and Vaccination
All medical procedures should be promoted on informed consent and this right is protected in all human rights codes. This was founded in the Nuremberg code in the 1940’s to prevent experimentation on the population. There is now an international right to informed consent that encompasses free and informed consent for all medical decision-making (Song in Habakus and Holland ch.2). The Australian government is currently considering linking the medical procedure of vaccination to childhood and adult welfare benefits with no philosophical exceptions. This is contrary to all human rights codes and it results in experimentation on the population if scientists have not disproved the link between vaccinations and serious neurological damage, including autism. Please sign this petition to protect your right to decide what you inject into your own body when governments and doctors do not supply you with the ingredients of vaccines or all the known adverse events of vaccines on the Immunise Australia Program website. They are also not provided on consent forms for school vaccination programs.   

Conflicts of Interest in Vaccination Policy
Here is a link to the new policy that will hide the perceived conflicts of interest of doctors who receive funding from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Please also take the time to read this article titled Is Big Pharma addicted to Fraud’.

One response to “Government Vaccination Policy – Research Uncovers Anomalies”

  1. Sending this to you with information to which the media and vested interests deny your access. With the new debate re financial penalties for those exercising their freedom of choice, it is interesting to note that the public poll showed over 60% do NOT want those parents penalised. This was today on the ABC poll.There is much evidence re the risks, especially neurological damage to developing brains, from just one vaccine, let alone the cumulative toll of the poisonous materials involved being directly injected into the blood, bypassing even their immature immune systems. The foreign substances in vaccines are ever increasing and within the last few years have gone from chicken to various animals, and now includes in some vaccine, tissues from aborted human foetuses.
    And despite all the attempt to insinuate otherwise, vaccinations do not give immunity, certainly not for a lifetime, as exposure to ‘normal’ childhood illnesses does give to those exposed. Most of those now stigmatised and demonised childhood conditions gave nothing more than a few days of discomfort with rash and temperature, but now they have been mutated into much more serious conditions that require hospitalisation, such as measles. Or like Varicella [ chicken pox ] vax, have produced an epidemic of shingles, but we are lucky because the company that gave us the CP vax have now created a Shingles vax !! And the money rolls in.
    Your considered response for basic rights of people to decide for themselves whether injecting toxins into their babies is valid or not [ and despite the noise from vested interests, the evidence is not conclusive, nor is it all in ], is critical.

    Kind regards

    Keith Bastian

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