Five Principles Combine to Make Great Logos

A great logo identifies you to the public quickly and memorably to distinguish your business from your competitors.
A great logo will visually convey the qualities of business and make it stand out from the crowd.
Colours, themes, and styles of your logo should help your customers gauge your price, what you offer and your philosophy (quick, trustworthy, etc.)

One great logo associated with pharmacy is the PGA gold cross logo which has been well-designed and is still to find the full extent for its usefulness and application.
As part of your own marketing environment, your logo as part of your brand, should always remain supreme.
And this is one area where you employ a designer to come up with your concept and values, conveyed visually.

Be very careful as to other brands intruding into your environment that end up competing and confusing your own brand.
For personal services, the person’s name providing the service should be in integral part of the brand image.
So, John Smith’s AMCAL pharmacy (accompanied by John Smith’s logo) is acceptable – AMCAL+ AMCAL logo – Pharmacy, agent=John Smith – is not acceptable.
A hierarchical check list should be drawn up for your brand environment to ensure your own brand remains supreme but can still coexist in a clearly delineated alliance format with other brands competing for attention.


Great logos should always:

  • Look good in black and white or in colour.
  • Be identifiable in largest or small sizes.
  • Be eye catching when applied to your products or services.
  • Make a quick impression and be easy to remember.
  • Builds trust and confidence quickly among your customers.

It’s best to think through exactly what you want in a great logo, and get inspiration and ideas from other businesses.
You can easily do this by searching more than 6 million logos for free on Trademarkia.

Regardless of whether you are a small business, corporation, or individual entrepreneur, logos are vital. Logos are the fastest way to identify a known company, and the fastest way to create a positive impression on consumers unfamiliar with your brand.
Effective logos can spark customer interest and help sell your product or service. Additionally, the look, feel, and indeed beauty of a logo can create a feeling of positivity within and without a company.
Also, the beauty of a logo is something that the company can be proud of and identify with.

When initially branding your company or product, it is vital to create a memorable and identifiable logo.
Companies can suffer in the long run by launching with a placeholder logo, or one that is not heavily considered in how it relates to the brand.

There are several essential components to any great logo.

The vast majority of company logos have their company name written in their logo, although some like banks have symbols added alongside their company name.
What else might be?
One thing that becomes quite clear from looking at a company logo is their unique identity which is crystal clear from their design.
This is not just true for big companies but also for private small ones like logos for banks, industry, and other service companies.

Community pharmacists have never seemed to place much emphasis on their brand and have allowed alliance brands to predominate.
Examples of this are the old Kodak awning signs and above awning signs and the current crop of market group “brands”.

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