Kay Dunkley

Kay Dunkley is a pharmacist who has worked in hospital and organisational pharmacy for over 20 years. She has a broad experience working in public hospitals and in providing support to health professionals through government funded bodies and professional organisations. Kay also has a strong interest in the health and well being of health professionals and especially the role of peer support. Kay first became involved as a volunteer with the Pharmacists’ Support Service, a group which has been providing telephone support for pharmacists in Victoria since 1995. In 2005 Kay became the Program Coordinator for the Pharmacists’ Support Service and has assisted the service to become an independent organisation which is currently seeking to expand to provide support to pharmacists throughout Australia. In 2007, when AMA Victoria approached the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (Victorian Branch) with a view to establishing their own Peer Support Service; Kay accepted an invitation to assist. The AMA Victoria Peer Support Service commenced operation in February 2008. Kay currently coordinates both of these services and also works part-time as a consultant pharmacist in Residential Care Facilities.