Patient impressions

Do we really understand how your patients perceive us?
Experts agree that our patients form an opinion of our practice in a matter of seconds.
And some of the latest research on first impressions suggest that it might be within the blink of an eye.

I’m not referring to the pharmacy building here….I’m referring to you, the pharmacist.
There’s a real difference between customers and patients.
Your patient will know the name of their GP, their nail technician, their hairdresser and these days, their barrista!

Do they know your name?
Do you make a startling first impression?

Patients usually assume that you and your staff know how to do your jobs, but they also need to know that you care about them while you are doing your job.
Your patient’s perception of their care is your reality.

If you don’t have a good sense of what your clinical personality and practice is communicating, it might be time to stand back and view things from the patient’s point of view.

Many of our pharmacies today are run by absentee owners….it’s an ever-increasing trend.
However, the pharmacist-in-charge is the leader, and fulfills the mission statement outlined by everything the pharmacy business offers….you do have a mission statement don’t you?

Are your staff trained in the courtesies you want them to observe?
Never assume that your staff know what this means.
An off-hand comment, a touch of rudeness and these days there are many other options available.
Is your dress code understood?

Do your staff seek out that patient waiting for advice or for a prescription, or loudly call their name?

None of this happens you say?
Not in my pharmacy?
Of course not, because your patients know who you are…..

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