1. What an interesting and inspiring career in pharmacy you have had. Well done and enjoy your retirement. I have enjoyed reading i2P for many years.

  2. Hi Neil,
    You have been an inspiration in your dedication and achievements. Hopefully you will enjoy a well deserved break until you reappear in another coming. You have left a proud legacy. Your i2p has been essential reading for many years.

  3. Thanks Neil for your significant efforts in promoting health in the community. Hopefully there are others that will fill the gap that you will leave behind when you take your well earned retirement.

  4. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts on Australian pharmacy for several years Neil. It appears many of your prescient ideas to overcome the lack of inertia obvious in the pharmacy industry have fallen on the deaf ears of the lobbying groups seeking to maintain the status quo benefitting them personally.
    Enjoy your retirement and thankyou for sharing your incredible story.

  5. May you have a long and happy retirement, Neil. Thanks for giving so much space to air my views about drug and alcohol treatments. And by the way, Australian pharmacists deserve enormous credit for charging (mostly) the same of similar fees for methadone treatment after 30 years. I believe it is unique and largely due to the generosity of pharmacists and sympathy and understanding for our dependency patient group who face so many other obstacles. From Dr Andrew Byrne in Redfern.

  6. Hi Neil
    I have only recently stumbled on your website and musings and am sorry there won’t be more! But you are more than entitled to time with your family after such an illustrious career.
    Best Wishes
    Kristine Hall

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