EDITORIAL for Monday 26 June 2017

Welcome to the current edition of i2P (Information to Pharmacists) E-Magazine dated Monday 26 June 2017.
As I read the current reports on current developments in government vaccination policy and similar developments in the medical cannabis industry I have to scratch my head in wonderment.
Am I still a citizen of Australia?
And if so, what values am I being forced to accept by Australian politicians who are so mired in conflict of interest issues, you would certainly wonder what they thought about their country, their constituents and above all, their future in the form of our children collectively.
Those same politicians can sit in judgement of others less fortunate than themselves who have become, through no fault of their own, stateless refugees.
They are told that they have to adopt Australian values before they can become naturalised.
And what do they mean by Australian values?
Is it the value of vaccine damaging our children and helping to destroy their future?
Is it the hypocrisy – the practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case?
Is it the value of a practice of living by true evidence-based standards that is replaced knowingly by a corrupt manufactured version and earning “thirty pieces of silver” as a reward?

It is so depressing to see the “hold” that Big Pharma has purchased in this country.

How about the value of that “fourth estate” institution, the mainstream media that reports its own manufactured news or misreports news by embellishing it with a perspective that gives a new spin to a story, often damaging to the reputation of others – simply to sustain a control over the minds of our collective population.
Not only is our media financially controlled by Big Pharma, but one of its stars is an ex-Australian.
And this ex-Australian works assiduously on occasions to destroy the reputation of Australian pharmacists by publishing stories based on total fabrication.
How is that an Australian value?

And to add further insult to our intelligence we see medical cannabis being progressively tied up in regulation that illustrates that the people framing the legislation and regulating of this useful substance placing it more out of reach of Australian patients who would benefit – even vaccine-damaged kids battling with epilepsy and the elderly entering their “end of life” segment of their lifespan who could otherwise bow out more comfortably and with dignity.

Why aren’t there more pharmacists becoming more vocal and politically in trying to eradicate these “wrongs” that are often performed in plain sight on a daily basis?
Take, for example, the King Review and its recently released interim report that poses as advice for the federal government and the future health of our Australian population.
And as well, the future financial health and survival of pharmacists who may have as little as ten years before they are personally destroyed as our politicians continue on their indecent way.
Like a certain ex-treasurer that draws down a parliamentary pension of around $90,000 pa,  concurrently with an ambassadorial salary of $360,000.00 pa (and recently tried to claim back an expense titled “baby sitting” for a cool $25,000.00).
He also owns a string of houses back home in Australia as well!

Note that Stephen King now assumes that the Australian government “owns” your dispensing practice and that you act as an agent for that practice.
It’s time to look at civil conscription law or gear up for civil war – a process that is under way currently in the US.

Pharmacy leaders will now have to lead – something that they have lost the art of for some time now.
There too, you will find a significant number who have allowed themselves to be compromised.
Well you will now have to fight on behalf of your constituents or stand aside for someone willing to stand up for a decent set of values.

Our lead article for this edition concerns the imminent arrival of Amazon and the fact that they are targeting the pharmacy market.
Just another event that will require a bit of an effort for Australian pharmacy leaders.
Amazon has the potential to fit in with future government plans for pharmacy and Australian pharmacists will now be forced to rethink their culture – or perish.
Not that this should have been so difficult if interest had been appropriately stimulated over the last twenty-year business cycle through a cultural evolution.
As part of its global roll-out, Amazon has recently entered Japan and has immediately set about tackling the pharmacy market in that country.. It has commenced selling category#1 drugs that require consultation with a pharmacist before purchase. These are all website sales. Before placing orders, customers need to report their symptoms and medical history via a form on Amazon’s site.  Items will only be delivered after approval by a pharmacist. Amazon is also reportedly considering a roll-out of same-day delivery service, although it is not clear if this will involve drones at this point of development.
Read: Amazon May Force Australian Pharmacy Culture Change – at last!

There is not much in the way of positivity contained in the interim report of the King Review into pharmacy.
But there is much to be concerned about as there has been little effort to promote pharmacy into a vibrant and forward-looking force within the health system.
Apart from taking more money out through flat PBS dispensing fees, and rubbing salt into the wound by assuming ownership of pharmacy practice, there has been an enormous amount of time wasted on such a negative review.
Don’t hold your breath – the ground is being prepared for Australian pharmacy to be taken over by global pharmacy corporates.
Read: The King Review – WHAT LIES BENEATH!

Gerald Quigley’s article takes a “pot-hot” at the profession’s leadership and their response to criticism of the handling and display of some complementary medicines.
The critics of pharmacy have a hidden agenda that runs to the tunes in Big Pharma’s songbook.
It is well understood, so why would you even give these people any form of oxygen.
Pharmacy is fighting for its life and our leaders hide themselves in irrelevant detail!
Why not do a bit of fighting on behalf of pharmacists?
Read: Has Professional Pharmacy descended to a new low?

Medical cannabis represents one of the more interesting opportunities available to pharmacists for the treatment of existing patients and to attract new patients. Pharmacy leaders need to be proactive in the regulatory area because other health professionals will be competing to lock pharmacy out of any opportunity whatsoever Potential for pharmacists is found in the compounding of THC and CBD in specific ratios to match the best result for patients with chronic illness. Further pharmacist potential also lies in using cannabinoids in harm minimisation programs involving opioid dependencies and as an adjunct for the management of pain. Pharmacists also need to be active and have a voice in the regulation of these substances ensuring that maximum patient access can be obtained through the application of Schedule 3 of the Poison’s Act. Additional future potential for pharmacists may also be found in the 3D printing of specific cannabinoids and the tailoring of these substances to match the genetics of each individualised patient.
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There is something wrong with Australia’s public health policy, in particular the policies pertaining to vaccines. Daily, these policies are exposed as being biased and unsafe. Yet our politicians and medical health leaders pretend to remain blind to unsafe practices. “First do no harm” as the foundation of all medical practice now has a hollow ring to it and public confidence is further eroded as they find they have little choice in being able refuse a vaccine they have inadequate knowledge about. Any queries on vaccine safety are aggressively disposed of and the complainant labelled “anti Vaxer”- no voice at all for “safe vax”. The safe vaccination debate is continued here, despite the fact that it is not recognised by the extreme pro and anti-vax participants. The pro-vax proponents sustain their immoral position with dishonest tactics and communications. The anti-vax proponents also hold extremist views because vaccination principles are generally sound. It is only the manufacturers who are the real villains in this drama because they continue to make unsafe vaccines and develop new vaccines without any formal evidence.
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Harvey Mackay’s article about friendship triggered some recent thoughts concerning a time when I was a patient in a hospital and under some supervised physiotherapy care.
The physiotherapist was a final year student, but I was struck by her empathy with all patients and her professional approach to her job.
You could immediately sense that this health practitioner was going places and I complimented her on a job well done.
Her response was very simple.
She said, “I enjoy my work because I deliberately set out to make friends with all of my patients”.
It demonstrated care and I enjoyed her version of a patient relationship – it was the brightest spot in an otherwise depressing routine.
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As major international currencies demonstrate a lack of confidence, alternatives are beginning to emerge.
And they will eventually be used for the purchase of health services.
Already they are becoming good investment formats and are shortly to be backed by precious metals such as gold.
Cryptocurrencies are what they are called and they are rapidly becoming accepted as universal currencies are fast losing the confidence levels through government ineptitude in managing economies.
i2P is providing information so that informed choices can be made.
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And we conclude this edition with media releases from two pharmacy leadership organisations.

PSA Media Releases – 1. Dr Shane Jackson Elected National President 2. PSA’s Comment on King Review 3. Vaccination Expansion in ACT 4. Conference to Explore Collaborative Healthcare 5. Revised Professional Practice Standards

ASMI Media Releases – 1. WSMI General Assembly 2. Pregnancy and Paracetamol

We hope you enjoy the content presented in this edition and invite you to add comment in the panel provided at the foot of each article.

Neil Johnston,
Editor, i2P E-Magazine
Monday 26 June 2017

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