2 Comments on Complementary Medicines Advance Market Share

  1. Keith Bastian // August 25, 2014 at 10:54 am // Reply

    Since the report in Europe some years ago, followed shortly thereafter by similar figures from US and Australia, of sales of non-pharmaceutical products for ‘health’ issues equaling or exceeding ‘mainstream’products, there was a ramp-up of the ‘unproven/unscientific’ claims by the spin doctors for Big Pharma. But immediately the buy-up of the companies producing nutritional products began, and very few are now independent. As this has happened, dosages of the active components has dropped, and many of the herbal ingredients are made from the less vital parts of the plant. So, by making weak products that are contrary to herbal protocols, they make money from less-discerning clients, and can then also say, ‘just as we told you,this stuff does not work’.

  2. great article – the regulatory ecosystem in aussie is progressive and pro-business – if “mainstream” drug companies can’t deliver products that consumers want, then they either progress or fail – good luck to them!

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