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  1. I find it difficult to be impartial when I read Ms Marron’s articles. Often I laugh at her one-eyed antics, sigh at her lauding of corrupted ‘research’ which has been doctored, as in spin-doctored, to support a pharmaceutical product often developed from an age old proven herbal product, then knocks these old, proven, safe, products. Then she infers that no patient of a ‘traditional’ drug-pushing medic, ever dies, but of course they do if they go to a CAM praccie. And of course these perfect drug pushers never, ever err in their prescribing and always chose drugs that are non-toxic, have no emotional, chemical or any other side-effect,[ and whose research was truthful, unbiased and uncorrupted, and proven to be useful. Yes, I live in Fairyland too, but in a different section to Ms Marron ], always are given with exhaustive advice when to take/not to take, are never given with any other drug as all inter-actions are not known, and dose is always adjusted for patients size, physical activity, general health and vitality, age, other circumstances, including other long and short-term medication regimes, and heaven forbid, even their dietary habits, water and nutritional intakes. And my always hopeful expectation is that one day Ms Marron will get real, and perhaps she will introduce us to that paragon of medical virtuosity who is obviously her GP, on whom she bases her suppositions. That is probably unrealistic, as to date she has shown no intention of ever opening both eyes, and critically examining all the evidence that is uncorrupted.

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