1. I have not used drugs in any form for over 40 years and I am a very healthy 66 year old. I am appalled that our government is mandating that every person should be vaccinated without any discussion about how to attain real health

  2. Indeed Elizabeth. Additionally, even those who WOULD vaccinate, but selectively, can no longer choose which vaccines they and their children receive, as single dose vaccinations are simply no longer available in Australia. This dilemma has been compounded by No Jab No Pay, which penalises all but full schedule vaccinating families who must receive every shot and every follow up booster. This means that parents are increasingly being forced- with the help of a media campaign which focuses primarily on vaccines for the more emotive infectious disease- to accept vaccines which are not even communicable among children: tetanus, hep B and HpV! And vaccines such as the acellular pertussis vaccine which has been scientifically shown to be ineffective at targeting the B. pertussis bacterium, and to be spreading whooping cough asymptomatically. A recognition of the reality that cocooning achieves nothing and actually exposes infants to whooping cough (a Parliamentary Inquiry resulting in the stopping of free vaccines to parents, recent admission among the medical community recommending that cocooning be dropped) has not been enough to deter the lobbying of this ineffective vaccine through the media using the unfortunate Hughes family anecdote, and the nomination of the bereaved Mrs Hughes as Young Australian of the Year, for promoting this ineffective pharmaceutical product on behalf of the manufacturers, who clearly do not want sales figures to drop!

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