Vaccine Manufacturers Face Criminal Charges in Spain

Editor’s Note: The “junk science” that is used to promote vaccines and other pharmaceuticals has consequences.
One consequence includes the loss of lives.
While this is criminal and actionable, we have yet to see senior individual executives prosecuted for their crimes, only the companies they represent receiving massive fines.
That mainstream media is colluding with these companies by not reporting these events is indicative of government support for junk science and mainstream media receiving receiving editorial instruction from government.
It is important to know this because it means that the foundations of democracy are being eroded in plain sight.

Please find below an outline of the criminal charges that have been made against Spain’s National and Regional Health Authorities and against Merck-Sanofi Pasteur Laboratories regarding the use of HPV vaccines. I have also provided a link to the more in-depth article on the progress of this criminal case (below) and sent this information to the government. This information has not been reported in the mainstream Australian media.

Criminal Charges Against Merck for the Gardasil (HPV) Vaccine:
1. Fraudulent marketing and/or administration of an inadequately tested vaccine;
2. Failure to inform the public about the potential risks of using Gardasil;
clear infringement of the right to informed consent;
3. Ignoring new medical conditions in those who used Gardasil despite the similarity of their symptoms and the relatively short period of time between vaccine administration and the onset of symptoms;
4. Ignoring established and new scientific evidence illustrating the potential harmful effects of Gardasil ingredients and manufacturing methods;
5. Callous disregard for those suffering new medical conditions post-Gardasil;
6. Failure to inform the public that HPV infections are simply one of the risk factors involved in the development of cervical cancer;
7. Failure to inform the public that 90% of all HPV infections clear on their own without medical intervention;
8. Failure to inform the public about alternative methods of controlling cervical cancer; and
9. Criminal liability for the injuries resulting from the administration of Gardasil 

And here is a link to a one minute video clip that questions the death of a 12 year old girl in the US after HPV vaccine!bFnnNc 

Instead of the Australian media reporting on this issue and on the involvement of the Bill Gates Foundation in the funding of the clinical trials in India, that reportedly lead to the deaths of several Indian girls ( ) the Australian media has reported (7 August 2014) on the supposed ‘protective effect of HPV vaccines’ (  without any reference to the global concerns about the safety or necessity for this vaccine.

Like the Spanish public, the Australian public has not been informed that the WHO has stated that Pap screening is an effective (almost 100%) method of detecting and preventing cervical cancer, and it will still be needed by all vaccinated women. This is clear evidence of the biased reporting about HPV vaccines in the Australian media and this could have serious consequences for the health of all Australian adolescents who are being recommended this vaccine in school programs.

Here is a link to the letter I have sent to the Australian Health Minister (25 July 2014) and I hope that you will also present your concerns about this vaccine to the Australian government

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