Understanding Medical Cannabis 1. UIC Provides Quality Education 2.Switzerland to legalise cannabis 3. Multi-disciplinary cannabis research 4. Marijuana can treat autism 5. Gastric disorders?-use edible cannabis

1.United in Compassion-An Education Event

Quality information and education is hard to come by in regard to medical cannabis.
Many people have formed inaccurate perspectives given the long periods of negative press it has been given.
United in Compassion is a registered charity that i2P can recommend as the appropriate education provider to currently fill knowledge gaps concerning medical cannabis.

Medicinal Cannabis is now a reality for Australia but the initial growing pains are frustrating, controversial and ill informed.
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Consequently, United in Compassion is hosting a major international event in Melbourne which is of interest to patients , health care workers and legislators from all states grappling with cumbersome legislation and lack of expertise.
It takes place at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre on the 23rd, 24th and 25th June 2017.
PLUS, a ONE DAY COURSE Sponsored by The Australian Medical Cannabis Observatory

in conjunction with United in Compassion, on 22nd June 2017 at Melbourne Crowne Plaza

Australia’s first medical cannabis course, designed for health care practitioners, by health care practitioners.
The 1st Australian Medicinal Cannabis Course
A comprehensive introduction to:

•The Australian history of medicinal cannabis

•The endocannabinoid system

•The pharmacology of cannabinoid medicine

•The practicalities of dosing

•Conditions amenable to treatment

•Up to date literature

•International perspectives

…& much more!
Please share the following information with your personal networks to enable attendance from around the country.
We hope to see you there and can guarantee an exciting and informative program which will be suitable for the medical professional to patients and carers and everyone in between.
By providing current and accurate information we hope to impact positively on the lives of patients who need better legal access to medicinal Cannabis products.Also I would like to announce the UIC is now a Charitable organisation with Deductable Gift Recipient Status. Please consider helping us financially so we can continue our vital work in medicinal Cannabis reform and patient advocacy.Thank you for your continued support.Many thanks
Lucy Haslam
United in Compassion
2..Culture Magazine: Switzerland Unveils Initiative to Legalize and Tax Cannabis

Switzerland’s last referendum to legalize cannabis failed in 2008. Since 2013, adults caught with less than 10 grams of cannabis are only fined 100 francs. Low-THC cannabis products with less than one percent THC are also openly sold in the country.

The initiative would add “The consumption of substances and preparations of the type of action cannabis as well as the preparation for own consumption are taut,” to Article 105 of the Swiss Federal Constitution, according to the Swiss paper Tages Anzeiger. Currently Article 105 is exclusively dedicated to alcohol. The Swiss Confederation would adopt regulations on cannabis cultivation, production and trade. The Confederation also plans to levy a consumption tax on cannabis products which are intended for recreational purposes. The new non-bipartisan initiative appeals to the federal government by including protections for minors. The four-city cannabis club trial has not yet been approved by the Federal Office of Health.

“We submitted the initiative text on Wednesday to the Federal Chancellery and thus begin the formal process of the preliminary examination,” Nino Forrer, press officer of the Legalize It association told Tages Anzeiger. “The ban on cannabis is wrong from a social perspective, wrong from a legal point of view and simply stupid from an economic point of view.” Forrer argued that the prohibition of cannabis only leads to rampant black market activity.

The wealthy nation could benefit from taxing cannabis sales. Cannabis legalization has been a popular concept in Switzerland for over twenty years. This time, by including provisions for tax and minor protections, the initiative has a chance for success.

3. UC Irvine Creating Multi-Disciplinary Cannabis Research Institute
UC Irvine is in the early stages of developing what may be the world’s first interdisciplinary cannabis research institute. Former Democratic State Senator Joe Dunn, who now lectures in UCI’s School of Law, announced the plans at a roundtable talk on cannabis at the university Friday evening. The institute is the brainchild of Dr. Daniele Piomelli, an anatomy and neurobiology professor, who studies how cannabis works in the body.

4.The Compelling Case for Treating Autism with Marijuana
Many are finding cannabis, in one form or another, effective in easing symptoms of a variety of conditions that have not yet been thoroughly researched; autism is one of these, with many getting legal access to medical cannabis—or sourcing it illegally—and using it to treat those with the most severe symptoms. Bringing the two, cannabis and autism, together, was never going to be an easy or straightforward endeavor. However, parents of severely autistic children who have exhausted all other options have described medical cannabis as a “life changing” therapy.

5.Upset Tummy? Marijuana Edibles May Help
Researchers from the University of Connecticut were recently trying to find out how to decrease inflammation in the intestines and found that when they fed lab mice capsaicin – the stuff that makes chili peppers taste hot – they would have less inflammation. It turns out that the anandamide found in capsaicin is in marijuana, affecting the same receptors in the brain, lowering immune response and limiting inflammation. Everyday Delta has quality thc gummies for sale on their website.

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