1. Thank you….. I truly appreciate such a clear and well written article. The disease of hatred and vitriole that is spewing forth right now on this topic is one we cannot be vaccinated against…..there seems to be no remedy for the way so many are behaving. Just because diseases are supposedly “vaccine preventable” does not mean they are not preventable or cured by other means as well. And so many fail to understand that we have a choice in how we prevent or heal disease. There is not just “one way”. Sadly I’d rather my children face a future of vaccines OR potential disease, than the country full of bigots, hatemongers, liars, and bullies, such as this topic has brought forth. It’s sad that as parents and human beings, we cannot make choices about our own health and wellbeing and have them respected, by others whose choices we in turn, respect. Human rights here! And core humanity.

  2. Brilliant article, thank you for articulating a lot of what drives our family’s decision to not vaccinate. As a family who vaccinated up to 18 months with our first child and then stopped, and have not vaccinated our second child at all, we have another perspective on the matter.

    Our first child got healthier when we stopped vaccinating. And I am talking remarkably healthier. While being vaccinated our child had at least four childhood diseases, including cocksackie virus twice. These viruses were also extremely aggressive in their infection, a bout of cocksackie saw gums swell to the point teeth disappeared, our child had to return to exclusive breastfeeding and spent the week screaming in agony while trying to nurse. Our child also had a continuous run of colds and stomach bugs. Since stopping vaccination our child has not visibly shown a single childhood disease infection and I’d estimate expresses less than a quarter of the rate of colds and stomach bugs of previous. Our second unvaccinated child has never visibly expressed a single childhood disease, and shows the same robustness to colds and stomach bugs. The effect of vaccines on immune system focussing as documented by Cowling et al. (2012) seems to explain our observations.

    It is clear to our family that infant immunology is poorly understood and considered in vaccine science. I mean I see the point of vaccines as to reduce discomfort and possible death from disease. So if your child is very unnecessarily spending months of each year of life sick, miserable and experiencing aggressive and potentially damaging infections, all so you can say “oh at least they didn’t get measles, or mumps, or chickenpox”, then that sounds like ideology not science.

    Having come from the biological and social sciences, I note vaccine science is proving very resistant to maturing in the ways other sciences have done. As your article infers the money, vested interests, propoganda and astroturfing seems to be keeping it in such an immature state, rejecting of critical scrutiny and refusing to merge the heroic account of vaccines with the social history that is well and truly established.

  3. Will you submit this blog as your first post in the new Australian Huffington Post? They are keen for contributors and may pay well.
    Such a comprehensive article you have written.

  4. Thankyou. Confirms exactly what I discovered when researching the pros and cons for vaccines, that the research base is heavily heavily corrupted.

  5. Well written article covering much of what is never whispered in the mainstream media. They have been bought and never mention anything but the drug industry slogan – safe and effective. The media initiated by the drug industry pitted society against one another, it’s been deliberately created. For parents with vaccine damaged children this is just one more slap in the face. The families of these children and there are millions are emotionally and financially damaged for life.

  6. Brilliant read, thanks so much. I feel so alone because we do not vaccinate our kids. Does anyone know how Brin Hooker is going with his case Hooker vs CDC? Google Donegan v GMC, thats also a great read. thanks so much again. Cheers.

  7. well written

    I did the pertussis testing in 2010 in a city of 45,000 people, all fully vaccinated, all had pertussis……(all aged 6-12) all went to school for an average of 8 weeks, before the great dawning, yes they had pertussis……….. and it was also found those without symptoms, actually were carriers of the pertussis……… FDA have admitted that now too 2013 report…………

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