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  1. In June 2012 Matthew Berryman, a member of the SMART Infrastructure Modelling facility at the University of Wollongong (UOW), took comments made by “Hank” (aka Peter Tierney) on his Australian Skeptic lobby group blog – ReasonableHank – to the UOW Human Research Ethics Committee and obtained a disclaimer about my PhD research. This was provided to him by UOW without my knowledge and he used it as the basis for a story about my PhD research in the Illawarra Mercury on 11 June 2012. This fabricated story contained false and disparaging information about me using his UOW title even though Berryman was not involved with health or health policy at UOW. He was speaking outside his area of expertise. Although I complained to UOW about Berryman’s fabricated story that he provided using the UOW logo, the University did not correct the academic record or inform the public that Berryman was providing his personal opinions as a subscriber of the Skeptics lobby groups and not those of the University. This has enabled pro-vaccine lobby groups to continue providing this false and derogatory information whenever I debate my academic research. Pro-vaccine lobby groups are clearly not interested in children’s health because they are acting to suppress the academic research instead of allowing open debate to demonstrate whether the benefits of multiple vaccines in infants outweighs the risks.

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