The plausible link between vaccines, autism and other chronic illness

Many Australian parents will be making a difficult decision over the Christmas holidays as they choose between thousands of dollars in welfare benefits or injecting unknown substances into their infant’s developing body.
Many of these substances are for mandated vaccines that were only added to the National Immunisation Program (NIP)  in 2013 – chickenpox (Varicella), Pneumococcal and Meningococcal C.
This means that these vaccines, and many others on the schedule, did not create herd immunity to prevent the risk from these diseases to the majority of Australians (Professor Fiona Stanley 2001 – Australian of the Year 2003).
Therefore parents should not feel responsible to use these vaccines for the good of the community. 

Further, the Australian government has not provided evidence that proves the combined schedule of vaccines is not the cause of the escalating autism, auto-immune diseases and chronic illness in Australian children and the population in general.

Here are two articles I would recommend that parents read to help them make informed decisions about their children’s health when they are applying for welfare benefits and enrolling them in childcare in 2016:

1)  Prevent Autism: The Lies being told and the Truths being hidden by Dr. Paul
2)  Grassroots pressure against HPV vaccine grows

This global information is not being presented by the mainstream Australian media and parents cannot make an informed decision without it.

Urgent Addition to ‘No Jab No Pay’ 1 Jan 2016

I’d like to draw your attention to the attached letter that has been sent to the Chief Medical Officer by Bronwyn Hancock. To date the social welfare documents describing the new policy have stated that the mandatory vaccination of children to receive welfare  benefits will be based on the National Immunisation Schedule (NIP). However, the government is now claiming that it will not be based on this ever expanding schedule.

This means that the literature being provided to parents and general practitioners about this new legislation is misleading and the government needs to clarify exactly which vaccines will become mandatory in welfare policies after 1 Jan 2016. The literature has also mislead the public in other ways that are described in the document.

If you have relatives or friends with children that will be affected by this policy please also take the time to look at Elizabeth Hart’s website Over-Vaccination This website provides clarity on the requirements for the No Jab No Pay policy and also the conflicts of interest that exist in this policy. I hope that many of you will read and promote this material because the adult vaccination register was also approved in parliament in 2015 and is likely to be the introduction of mandatory vaccination for all Australians.
NOTICE of false and misleading correspondence

Thankyou to everyone who is supporting this newsletter and I wish you a happy and healthy Christmas.

Judy Wilyman 
PhD Candidate
University of Wollongong


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  1. Thanks judy seeing in my child assessment work alarming increase in autism onset corresponding with dates of immunization and un explained seizures around 1 to 2 yrs resulting in abi with perm loss speech, cognition, toileting regressed & aggresive behaviors when child is frustrated over being unable communicate needs

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