1. The same arguments can just as legitimately be applied to the ‘science’ backing conventional medicine – much of it paid for by pharmaceutical companies, a number of which have in recent years been convicted of fraud. Yet despite the serious consequences of their fraud they have been allowed to continue to operate – one case in point being Merck and Vioxx.

    Furthermore, very few, if any deaths have resulted from taking natural therapies, while each year hundreds of thousands of people die from iatrogenic causes in US hospitals alone (see B. Starfield MD MPH “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?” JAMA 2000; 284(4):483-485).

    On a personal note, my adult daughter has recovered from a serious anxiety disorder through taking only natural remedies prescribed by a ‘holistic’ GP – while all her regular GP had offered her was Serepax. She has not suffered any adverse side effects from taking the natural remedies(aside from some nausea when she first began on the supplements), and has gone from being almost completely unable to function, to being completely healthy. I doubt very much this is just the result of a placebo effect.

  2. Just wondering if you have a response to this only comment Loretta? Particularly on the subject of how we as pharmacists dispense for anxiety disorders and the success rate of such long term treatments

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