1. I would like to clarify that the research I have produced cannot be dismissed as a case of freedom of speech or cherry picking the data, because vaccination is promoted as an “evidence-based policy”. It is either evidence-based or it is not. The claims made by the 60 University of Wollongong Academics about vaccines (who have never studied vaccination policy) on the UOW website are not supported by evidence because the studies to prove or disprove these claims have never been done. This is called ‘undone science’ and it allows governments to claim vaccines are ‘safe and effective’ simply because they have not investigated the observed correlation between vaccines and serious adverse health events. For example, the link between vaccines and chronic illness/autism/autoimmune diseases in the population. The evidence for this ‘undone science’ is in my PhD thesis published on the University of Wollongong website. If the claims by UOW academics about vaccines were evidence-based they would have addressed the evidence in Chapter 8 of my PhD thesis – but they have not. Hence the UOW is promoting personal opinion and this is harmful to human health and against the Criminal Code Act. It is also a breach of the University’s charter to maintain academic integrity in public debates of scientific issues.

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