Statins are for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease….really?

Well, well, well…….even pharmacy publications are now casting doubts over the effectiveness of statin therapy in primary prevention of cardiovascular disease.
What does this mean to the pharmacist when a patient asks “do I really need to take this medicine for my cholesterol?” and goes on to describe a fuzzy memory, aching muscles and generally feeling “off”.

The medical hierarchy specifically prevents us from doing anything other than referring that patient back to their prescriber.

But wait? Is that what patient care is all about? Are we frightened of getting involved in the patient-doctor-pharmacist triage which is in place to give the patient the best possible outcome?

Are you up to date on the adverse effects of statins on lifestyle of the older Australian who has never experienced a cardiovascular event, but nevertheless is taking a statin for “protection”?

Are you up to date on the dozens of other options available to keep lipid profiles under control in an otherwise healthy adult?

Here are a few:

  • Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract High Potency capsules

  • Krill oil

  • Policosanol

  • Betaglucan fibre available as powder or cereal

All evidence based.

The most ignored aspects of this cholesterol challenge are sugar’s effects on triglyceride levels, and the role of the methylation pathways.

Become familiar with these underlying challenges, and offer easy-to-follow advice to help empower your patient’s ability to get involved in their health. That’s what many want.

Back to the initial question………….maybe a second opinion based on the latest research where that is considered wise, preferably to a GP who is influenced by medical evidence and not medical marketing.

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  1. Hi Gerard

    How long would you expect the above combination along with a healthy diet and regular exercise to reduce cholesterol?

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