SHPA and NAPSA Cement Their Partnership

The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) and the National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association (NAPSA) have committed to a stronger working relationship between the two organisations.

By partnering with NAPSA, SHPA can engage with pharmacy students at the early stages of their career and support them on their career journey by highlighting the many career options for pharmacists.
In 2013 the two organisations announced formal links at national and branch levels as SHPA and NAPSA agreed that pharmacy students need links to an organisation that represents pharmacists who work in hospitals and related sectors. The public health sector continues to be an area of opportunity for employment.

This new arrangement goes further: SHPA and NAPSA will share information of benefit to student members and consider proposals of benefit to pharmacy students and the profession; SHPA will offer NAPSA members professional development opportunities, specifically to prepare students for lifelong learning and professional pharmacy practice. SHPA and NAPSA will work together on other projects to advance the pharmacy profession.

SHPA President Professor Michael Dooley said “SHPA is excited to work with NAPSA in this formalised partnership. I have been very impressed by the way discussions have proceeded with NAPSA and the work NAPSA does on behalf of their members. We look forward to working with NAPSA and their new president Sam Turner.”

NAPSA President Sam Turner added “This is a fantastic step forward for our organisation and Australian pharmacy students. We are excited to start incorporating the fantastic opportunities SHPA can provide to our members, especially those interested in hospital pharmacy and advanced practice.”

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