Safe Vaccines Debate – 1. World Mercury Project: MMR & Glyphosate 2. Jon Rappoport: Interview with Vaxxed producer who was just banned from Australia 3. The Dr Judy Wilyman Report: 1. Newsletter #168 – Censorship and Indoctrination on Vaccination in Australia 2. Open Letter -University of Wollongong 3. Newsletter #169 – Newsletter # 169 Richard Di Natale (Greens) and John Cunningham and the Removal of Medical Freedom in Australia

1. World Mercury Project (Robert Kennedy): Weeding Out Vaccine Toxins: MMR, Glyphosate, and the Health of a Generation
Aug. 16th, 2017
By Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Glyphosate, often sold under the brand name “Roundup,” is the most widely used weed killer in the U.S. Glyphosate is a “non-selective herbicide,” which means it kills many plants, not just weeds. It kills them by interfering with the production of critical proteins necessary for growth.

In commercial agriculture, Roundup is used on “Roundup Ready” crops—crops that have been genetically modified to resist the powerful toxic effects of glyphosate. The list of Roundup Ready crops includes soy, corn, canola and sugar beets. 

It is important to remember that, while these plants have been modified to resist the harmful effects of glyphosate, the people and animals that eat them have not.

In a series of articles, my colleague Anthony Samsel and I have been exploring the connection between glyphosate and a number of diseases, including multiple sclerosis, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer. In our most recent article, “Glyphosate Pathways to Modern Diseases VI: Prions, Amyloidoses and Autoimmune Neurological Diseases,” we present evidence that glyphosate has made its way into several widely used vaccines. We describe how the glyphosate residue contained in vaccines might induce the kind of autoimmune responses typically observed in autism.

Interestingly, of all the vaccines we tested, MMR stood out as consistently having the highest level of glyphosate contamination. This fact may help explain why the MMR vaccine, which contains neither mercury nor aluminum, has been implicated so often in vaccine injury and autism.

How Might Glyphosate Make Its Way into Vaccines?

Vaccines can become contaminated in many ways. One potential source of contamination is the animal tissue (chicken embryo, fetal bovine serum, monkey kidney, etc.) that is used as a culture medium to grow the viruses contained in vaccines. The measles virus for the MMR is grown on gelatin made from the bones and ligaments of commercially raised cows and pigs, animals that have been fed a steady diet of Roundup Ready corn and soy feed. Gelatin is also used as a stabilizer in vaccines, creating another possible route of contamination.

As Roundup producer Monsanto itself has reported, the residue from glyphosate tends to accumulate in the bones, marrow, and collagen-rich ligaments of animals. Anthony Samsel confirmed this finding in his own study of the bones, marrow, and other parts of pigs and cows, as well as the derived bovine gelatin.

To provide additional evidence that gelatin is the source of glyphosate contamination in vaccines, Samsel looked at a number of gelatin-based products, including Jell-O, gummi vitamins, and protein powders. He also looked at digestive enzymes such as trypsin and lipase. He found significant glyphosate residue in all of them. It should come as no surprise, then, that all of the vaccines that list gelatin and bovine serum as ingredients tested positive for glyphosate, while those that contained neither of these ingredients tested negative.

Glyphosate may be contributing to another source of vaccine contamination. In a recent study published in the International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination, researchers were shocked to discover a variety of toxic metals in a number of common vaccines. Platinum, silver, bismuth, iron, and chromium all showed up in the MMR vaccine. The source of these contaminants is considered to be a mystery. It is interesting to note in this context that glyphosate was first patented as a pipe cleaner due to its remarkable ability to chelate metals. It may be the case that glyphosate is playing a role in extracting metals from containers during the manufacture of vaccines.

My research leads me to believe that synergistic toxicity between glyphosate and vaccines, particularly MMR, is a major factor in the growing autism epidemic. The severity of MMR-related adverse events, as reflected in the FDA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, has increased steadily in recent years—along with the use of glyphosate on corn and soy crops in the U.S. Some of the reactions that have become significantly more common after 2002 compared to before 2002 are seizures, anaphylactic shock, asthma, autism, eczema, irregular heart rate, and ear infection. Of course, correlation does not prove causation; it is important to understand how glyphosate residues might disrupt the body’s immune system.

How Might the Glyphosate in Vaccines Cause Autism?

In our recent article, Samsel and I describe how the measles virus in the MMR, which is grown on nutrients contaminated with glyphosate, could incorporate this glyphosate into its own proteins, as a coding error, in place of the amino acid glycine. Glyphosate is a glycine molecule with an additional methyl phosphonyl group attached to the nitrogen atom, and we have argued that a key mechanism of its insidious cumulative toxicity is its ability to substitute for glycine by mistake during protein synthesis.

Haemagglutinin is the main antigen produced by the measles virus that is responsible for inducing an antibody response to the vaccine. A glyphosate-contaminated haemagglutinin molecule from a measles virus will be much more allergenic than one that is free of glyphosate. When the measles virus from the vaccine gains access to the brain, the brain’s immune system acquires antibodies to this abnormal haemagglutinin molecule, and then, through molecular mimicry, these antibodies become autoantibodies to myelin basic protein, a basic component of the myelin sheath. This autoimmune attack on the nerve fibers in the brain disrupts neuronal communication channels, causing the symptoms of autism.

Vijendra K. Singh and his colleagues at Utah State University have published multiple papers, dating back to the 1990s, proposing that an autoimmune attack on the myelin sheath due to a viral infection may be a causative factor in autism. In their 2002 paper, “Abnormal Measles-Mumps-Rubella Antibodies and CNS Autoimmunity in Children with Autism,” they concluded that “an inappropriate antibody response to MMR, specifically the measles component thereof, might be related to pathogenesis of autism.” A paper published by Dr. William Shaw in 2017 discussed a set of triplets—two boys with autism and a girl with a seizure disorder—all of whom had high levels of glyphosate in their urine and a disrupted gut microbiome, which he proposed was a causative factor.

Gut Dysbiosis: a Primary Factor

Not all children will respond to a glyphosate-contaminated vaccine in the same way. A key factor that increases susceptibility of the brain to damage is an unhealthy gut microbiome, which leads to a leaky gut barrier and subsequently a leaky brain barrier, via a tight communication channel between the gut microbes and the brain. Prior chronic exposure to high levels of dietary glyphosate can set a child up for a severe adverse reaction to a vaccine. Dr. Andrew Wakefield, together with many colleagues, published a seminal article in the Lancet in 1998 on a case study of twelve children, all of whom had a gut disorder and all of whom suffered onset of gastrointestinal and neurological symptoms following MMR vaccine, with regression into an autism-like syndrome.” Parents of eight of the children cited MMR as the trigger for their child’s decline. Wakefield was among the first scientists to recognize the important role of a disrupted gut microbiome in the etiology of autism. Unfortunately, the Lancet paper was later retracted and other researchers were very slow to follow up on this important lead, although finally today an unhealthy gut is recognized as a key feature linked to autism.

Dr. Wakefield recognized that the children in his study suffered from a leaky gut barrier, as a consequence of damage to the lining of the small intestine. This lining is covered with millions of small projections called villi, creating a huge surface area for the absorption of nutrients. The cells that form these villi, called enterocytes, begin life as an undifferentiated stem cell in the “crypt” area of the intestines. From there, they proliferate and mature as they migrate up the walls of the crypt, and then settle in on the surface of the villi, where they absorb nutrients before dying and getting replaced by new arrivals in a constant renewal process, as illustrated in Figure 1.

Glyphosate, as an amino acid, is actively imported into cells along L-type amino acid transporters. Cells that proliferate, like enterocytes, express high levels of these transporters, and therefore preferentially take up glyphosate. In Celiac disease (gluten intolerance), the enterocytes are destroyed more quickly due to exposure to glyphosate and other toxic chemicals. This damage causes the cells to proliferate more quickly, in order to replace destroyed cells. Increased proliferation causes an increase in the uptake of glyphosate, creating a downward spiral.

Thus, glyphosate residue in food sets a child up to fail following an MMR vaccine. Wheat, barley, oats, chick peas, lentils, and sugar cane are not glyphosate resistant, but glyphosate is frequently used as a desiccant or ripening agent for them right before harvest, and it is actively taken up by the seed. Some of the highest levels of glyphosate have been found as a contaminant in these non-GMO foods, so eating “non-GMO” is not adequate for glyphosate avoidance. Glyphosate is not allowed in organic agriculture, so buying USDA certified organic foods is the best option. Children with autism often suffer from gluten intolerance, and I believe glyphosate is a major causative factor in both conditions.

Figure 1: Schematic of the enterocytes in the villi lining the walls of the small intestine, which migrate upward from the crypt to the villus as they mature into functioning enterocytes from initial stem cells. These cells are especially vulnerable to glyphosate toxicity, leading to a leaky gut syndrome.

A Lost Generation

We have been misled for far too long by the claim that vaccines are “safe and effective.” It is not at all clear that inducing specific antibodies to a small set of infective agents, such as the measles virus, while weakening the immune system’s ability to fight off all the other infective agents in the environment, is the best way to deal with infectious disease. As we have seen, antibodies can become auto-antibodies and attack the body’s own tissues, leading to chronic diseases that are often worse than the infectious diseases they protect from. Vaccinated children suffer from many debilitating neurological and autoimmune diseases in far greater numbers than unvaccinated children. The manufacture of vaccines is a tricky process, and along with the acknowledged toxic ingredients like mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde, they also have been found to contain contaminants like glyphosate and toxic metals that may well be the biggest contributors to severe adverse reactions.

As we have seen, antibodies can become auto-antibodies and attack the body’s own tissues, leading to chronic diseases that are often worse than the infectious diseases they protect from.

Children today may already be a lost generation, but several policy changes need to take place in the immediate future to save subsequent generations from a similar fate. We need to repeal the 1986 legislation that protects pharmaceutical companies from liability when a child’s life is ruined by a vaccine. This will surely pressure them to try harder to keep impurities out of vaccines. We need to eliminate laws such as California’s SB277 that prevents unvaccinated children from enrolling in public or private schools, and be vigilant to ensure other states don’t follow suit. Then parents will be empowered to make decisions about the best path towards building a strong immune system in their child. Part of that program needs to be a switch to a 100 percent USDA certified organic diet, in order to protect children from the dangers posed by toxic herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. Finally, we need to insist that our elected representatives pass laws that protect consumers from products like glyphosate, which are designed to disrupt processes that support life.

Exposure to glyphosate may play an important role in the development of autism.

Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Glyphosate Exposure

  1. Glyphosate is a “Probable” Carcinogen
    In March of 2015, scientists at the UN’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) declared glyphosate a probable human carcinogen. The IARC report linked glyphosate to non-Hodgkin lymphoma in humans and to cancer in laboratory animals, and indicated it can cause “DNA and chromosomal damage in human cells.”
  2. Glyphosate is a Patented Antimicrobial Agent
    Glyphosate disrupts the gut microbiome leading to the overgrowth of pathogens and inflammatory bowel disease.
  3. Glyphosate Negatively Impacts the Brain
    According to the National Pesticide Information Center at Oregon State University (NPIC), glyphosate exposure has been linked to developmental effects when administered to pregnant rats in high doses.
  4. Glyphosate May Disrupt the Reproductive System

The Western world faces an epidemic in declining sperm quality.  The NPIC links high dose exposure in rats to negative reproductive effects.

  1. Glyphosate May Be a Critical Factor the Autism Epidemic

Much evidence supports this, including disruption of the gut microbiome, chelation of important minerals like manganese and zinc, and extremely high correlations between time trends in autism and in the use of glyphosate on core crops.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff is a Senior Research Scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. She has a BS degree from MIT in biology and MS, EE and PhD degrees from MIT in electrical engineering and computer science.  She has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings. Her recent interests have focused on the role of toxic chemicals and micronutrient deficiencies in health and disease, with a special emphasis on the pervasive herbicide, Roundup, and the mineral, sulfur.  She has authored over thirty peer-reviewed journal papers over the past few years on these topics, and has delivered numerous slide presentations around the world.

2. Jon Rappoport: Interview with Vaxxed producer who was just banned from Australia 

Polly Tommey, producer of the famous documentary, Vaxxed, has been banned from Australia. If that sounds quite insane—it is.
Vaxxed has been screening across the world. It is an explosive revelation about egregious fraud at the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
The film focuses on the 2014 public confession of a long-time researcher at the CDC, William Thompson.
Thompson admits that he and his colleagues committed a crime, by manipulating data to give the MMR vaccine a free pass, “proving” it had no connection to autism—when in fact, as Thompson states, the vaccine does raise the risk of autism in children.

Here are a few statements from the The Sydney Morning Herald’s report, headlined: “Anti-vaccination advocate ‘banned from Australia’ after documentary tour.”

“The producer Polly Tommey behind a controversial anti-vaccination film which has been touring Australia has been banned from returning to the country for three years, she claims.”

“Ms Tommey spearheaded a sold-out national roadshow of the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe organised by the Australian Vaccinations-Skeptics Network.”

“In a video, posted to Youtube on Tuesday, Ms Tommey claimed authorities seized her phone and copied her emails as she left Australian soil to continue the New Zealand leg of the film tour.”

“‘They (Australian Border Force) told me I was banned from Australia for three years and that I would be getting a letter to confirm this,’ Ms Toomey said.”

“A number of secret screenings of the documentary and Q& A sessions were hosted in Australia, including one last week at Village’s Crown casino cinemas in Southbank and another in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.”

I contacted Polly Tommey, and she sent me this statement, quickly typed on her phone as she was heading to New Zealand: 

“After a very successful 2 week tour of Vaxxed in Australia with packed out venues including the Australian National University I went through passport control in Adelaide airport on route to New Zealand, I was traveling with Anu Vaidya, our social media director—he was allowed straight through (we are both on the same business visas and both do the same work, Q&As and stories from parents via social media) I was detained.”

“They took my phone and asked for my password which I gave them (I have nothing to hide) they screenshot emails between AVN [Australian Vaccinations-Skeptics Network] and Vaxxed. They grilled me on Vaxxed and who made money from the documentary, they asked me about Andy Wakefield [also involved in the film’s production].”

“They told me I was banned from Australia for 3 years and I would receive an email to explain in due course. They then gave me my phone back and let me board a plane to New Zealand.” 

“Australia’s press did this, they promoted Vaxxed and our tour. We barely filled the venues before they wrote endless articles with quotes from health ministers saying how Vaxxed is dangerous lies. From that moment on the venues were packed with waiting lists, they are their own worst enemies.”

“I don’t need to go back to Australia, the people are strong and know what to do. They are as angry as the rest of the world at the death and destruction of our babies and loved ones.”

Doctors, medical bureaucrats, and government officials in Australia are foaming at the mouth, releasing statements against Vaxxed and warning how “dangerous” the film is, and how it should not be shown and seen.

These Orwellian lunatics want to cancel the public’s right to have access to information. “Don’t think, obey.”

Here is their strategy in a nutshell: they want to equate certain information with shouting fire in a crowded theater and, therefore, claim the right to free speech and free assembly is canceled.

Actually, and quite literally, they’re the ones shouting fire in a crowded theater. Because they want to empty the theaters.

The content of Vaxxed is all about exposing the lies of official science.  

Toxic vaccination is destroying the brains of babies and children.

Whether you agree or disagree with that last statement, trying to outlaw conversation about it and intimidate people who want the conversation is sheer totalitarian madness.

Polly Tommey is a woman who stands for what she believes and puts everything on the line. She has delved deeply into the protected secrets of the medical establishment. She has emerged with a film brimming with knowledge.

In a half-sane world, she would be hailed as a hero.

Obviously, the customs agents who detained and questioned her, as she was leaving Australia, who told her she was banned from the country, were acting on behalf of higher-ups.

Those medical, political, and pharmaceutical higher-ups want silence.

From you.

They want you to shut up and close your eyes and march straight ahead into the future they are laying out for you.

A future ever more toxic.

Are you going to give in? Are you going to abandon your natural right to search for the truth? Are you going to suck on the teat of the State and thank your betters for the morsels they hand you?

Are you going to believe this surrender to the State has no danger?

Are you going to stop worrying and learn to love Big Brother?


3. The Dr Judy Wilyman Report: 1. Newsletter #168 – Censorship and Indoctrination on Vaccination in Australia 2. Open Letter -University of Wollongong 3. Newsletter #169 – Newsletter # 169 Richard Di Natale (Greens) and John Cunningham and the Removal of Medical Freedom in Australia

1`. Newsletter 168 Censorship and Indoctrination on Vaccination in Australia
11 August 2014 

The US Vaxxed team has just completed a successful tour of the east coast of Australia, the UK and New Zealand with sell out crowds to concerned parents. This is a film about the MMR vaccine and children’s health. In particular, the scientific evidence that has been manipulated by the US CDC researchers to hide the causal link between vaccines and autism.

During the tour of Vaxxed over the last two weeks the venues for these screenings had to be kept secret to prevent lobby groups from targeting the venues to shut down the screening. The exact venue could not be revealed until two hours before the film started. This is not because it is a “secret” film as the Australian media suggested but because industry associated lobby groups are trying to censor this film.

The censorship was extended to the producer of the film, Polly Tommey, as she left Australia. Polly is a parent of a vaccine-damaged child who is concerned about children’s health and yet she was detained and searched because she had toured Australia and questioned the safety of vaccines in our “free” country. 

In case you are not aware, vaccines contain aluminium adjuvants, formaldeyde, antibiotics, thimerosal (mercury compound in multi-dose vials) and many other ingredients including polysorbate 80. Here is the information on polysorbate 80 and note that it states that it is a known cause of infertility in animals. Parents are required to be informed of these ingredients before giving their consent to this practice. 

In Australia vaccines are considered a ‘non-core’ health issue and they are promoted to the public in the media by corporations. This is described as the ‘corporate model of health’ and and it is described in my PhD thesis.  
This is not an anti-vaccination film (as the media is telling you) but a film that examines the scientific evidence to see if claims of safety and efficacy can be verified. The science must be transparent and parents should not be excluded from this debate. Similarly, my PhD thesis is not an ‘anti-vaccination‘ thesis as the media has labelled it. This is about debating the science that exists to claim that vaccines are “safe and effective’.

It is also about the public’s right to choose how many vaccines we use because public health is not just about infectious diseases. The prevention of autism and other escalating chronic illness in children is equally as important and this needs to be weighed against the number of vaccines that we use.  

Ignoring the correlation between the ever-expanding vaccination schedule and the deterioration of children’s health (escalating morbidity) is demonstrating that the focus of government vaccinationpolicies is not public health. There are many vested interests in this policy and government representatives have financial conflicts of interest with industry and a revolving door with pharmaceutical advisory boards.

Please take an active interest in your children’s health because the WA premier Mark McGowan, is currently acting to sign WA up to the federal No Jab No Play policy  (so far without public debate) that will remove your right to choose how many vaccines you use in your children if you need to use childcare/preschool facilities. 

Perth will be holding a public screening of Vaxxed in the northern suburbs of Perth on Friday 25 August at 7 pm. This will include a Q and A session with professionals and parents on the panel. Here is the link for tickets and further information for the Vaxxed screening – Perth Vaxxed Screening

Dr. Judy Wilyman

2. Open Letter
11 August 2017
Copied to UOW Vice-Chancellor Paul Wellings

Dear Professor’s Yeatman and Jones,

As UOW academics hide behind the false statements that you have made about immunisation/vaccination on the UOW website the Australian public are losing their right to decide what they can inject into their own bodies. This is not an “anti-vaccination” debate as the media is claiming and you are breaching your charter as a university by not ensuring there is open and transparent debate on vaccination.

Here is my latest Newsletter 168 Censorship and Indoctrination on Vaccines in Australia ( ) that describes the way in which UOW and the Australian media are involved in suppressing scientific debate on vaccines under the guise of “anti-vaccination”.

All state governments are currently being asked to sign up to the federal No Jab No Play polices that will remove parents right to choose how many vaccines they use in their children – with an ever expanding vaccination schedule. Here is the link to this law being introduced into NSW in 2018

UOW academics will be held accountable for hiding behind false comments about vaccine safety written by Heather Yeatman if this legislation goes through. Where is the scientific debate on vaccines in the University of Wollongong? A university that suppresses debate is not complying with its charter. There is no academic listed on the UOW website that has addressed the arguments stated in my PhD thesis.

Please note that Sweden has recently rejected mandatory and coercive vaccination policies because of the known serious health concerns associated with vaccines.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Judy Wilyman

Vaccination Decisions

3. Newsletter # 169 Richard Di Natale (Greens) and John Cunningham and the Removal of Medical Freedom in Australia
Please find below the letter I have sent to 60 academics at the University of Wollongong:

Open Letter University of Wollongong (UOW) Academics

18 August 2017

Copied to UOW Vice-Chancellor, Paul Wellings

Dear Professors Heather Yeatman and Alison Jones,

Your promotion of immunisation on the University of Wollongong website violates the academic and political process because you and your colleagues have never researched vaccinationscience or policy. This violation is resulting in the removal of medical freedoms in Australia because you have not supported your claims about vaccines with evidence.

The false assumptions that you have based your claims on i.e. that ‘vaccine adverse events are rare’ and that ‘all the recommended vaccines are effective and necessary’ are proven to be false in my PhD thesis that you have chosen to ignore.

Vaccines are also being promoted by politicians on the false claims made by Richard Di Natale and John Cunningham – neither of whom have specialist knowledge in immunology, vaccination science or policy.

Dr. John Cunningham is an activist for the industry-associated SAVN lobby group and he has participated in inappropriate behaviour in debating my UOW academic research on vaccines.  He has promoted his false and derogatory claims about my research in the mainstream media and on social media, and these same claims are now published on Wikipedia. He received an Order of Australia Medal for ‘Immunisation and Science’ one week after he published his false and derogatory comments about my academic research in the Australian newspaper (26 January 2016).

The Australian Skeptics Inc. is the lobby group that promotes John Cunningham’s information and this organisation has significant influence in the Australian media on scientific topics – yet they are not a scientific organisation. They are deceptively named and they promote industry interests in government vaccination policies.

The abusive attacks by the SAVN lobby group have been well documented by Professor Brian Martin and other academics yet Richard Di Natale has defended the abusive behaviour of the SAVN and the Australian Skeptics Inc activists (and the vitriolic debate that they are inciting) in the Australian parliament.

The SAVN lobby group is supported by the Public Health Association of  Australia (PHAA). The PHAA presents the National Immunisation Conference which is almost 100% funded by industry. In 2014 the PHAA supported the presentation of a SAVN poster by McDermott, Gaylard, Hawkes, Cody, Ryan, and Dunlop, at this industry sponsored event. 

The poster these SAVN/Skeptic activists presented described their lobbying activities that are suppressing the academic and public health debate on vaccination in Australia. The poster was titled  ‘An Analysis of the Impact of the Stop the Australian Vaccination Network (SAVN) Campaign on the Public Profile and Finances of the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN)’ – the AVN is a consumer organisation promoting choice in vaccination.

Professor Heather Yeatman (UOW Head of Public Health –  expertise Nutrition) you have declared that you have a conflict of interest in assessing student research on vaccination at the University of Wollongong. This is because of your role as the president of the PHAA.

This is of serious concern because the PHAA is required to provide objective evidence for vaccination policy to the government and your statement is evidence that the PHAA does not provide objective evidence.  This is a critical factor in protecting human health in government vaccination policy.

Professor Alison Jones – you were the co-author of a paper titled ‘Public Health and the Necessary Limits of Academic Freedom (published March 2016 – one month after my PhD thesis was published on the UOW website) that attempts to suppress my academic research on vaccination and in this paper you falsely claim that the link between vaccines and autism has been discredited.

You have never  researched vaccination science or policy yet you have attempted to suppress scientific debate on this topic. Suppression is only necessary when you cannot provide the evidence for your argument.

In Australia the media goes hysterical over one case of measles and they ignore the exponential increase in autism that is occurring in our children. This increase has occurred directly with the expansion of the immunisation program in 1990 and academics and medical practitioners will not acknowledge, investigate or debate this correlation.

Here is the latest example of the hysterical media campaign over one case of measles in Perth and in this response I have described the autism risk that is associated with using the MMR vaccine (and since 2013 the MMRV vaccine which also includes chicken pox).

This schedule needs public debate and yet no public health official or politician in Australia will debate this topic even as our medical freedom is being removed. Here is the evidence from 2015 (prior to No Jab No Pay) that politicians are removing our medical freedoms in Australia without justifying these policies.

Educated parents will not accept this violation of the academic and political process and I urge everyone copied into this email to contact the UOW Vice-Chancellor, Paul Wellings, to confirm these facts and write to their politicians.

A national vaccine injury compensation scheme is being discussed based on the false assumption that ‘vaccine adverse events are rare’. This false claim is being made by a TGA (100% funded by industry) that uses a voluntary reporting system that does not include delayed reactions or the 5-fold increase in chronic illness and autism that is occurring in Australian children. And uses ‘science’ that does not include a true (inert) placebo in the unvaccinated group to determine the safety of vaccines.

The scientific evidence that adverse events are not rare is presented in my PhD thesis on the UOW website and it is being ignored and suppressed by UOW academics and powerful industry interests in Australian vaccination policies.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Judy Wilyman

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