1. Thank you for your excellent research…note first item of business for Greg Hunt was support meningitis VAX at urging of Newscorp /GSK after stories of deadly case ran in paper urging people to VAX same time GSK withheld supply and total people to call Hunt..supply came when he reversed PBAC to redirect fund as unfavourable cost benefit analysis not to mention cross reaction to bacterial OMV and human cell membranes..etc excellent to see someone so intelligent and organized taking up this fight before many SA kids get harmed

  2. Elizabeth Hart is a champion in my eyes.Keep prodding Elizabeth as children NEED people like you.I can not understand how intelligent men and women fail to see what is right in front of them.Vaccines do cause injuries and dare I say AUTISM but our powers that be are completely blind.

  3. Vaccination protects children from serious illness Vaccine preventable diseases, such as measles, mumps, and whooping cough, which are still a threat and with out vaccination children would be at more risks. There is no evidence that vaccines cause autism. In 2015, a study performed in Japan showed NO association between autism and the MMR vaccine. To not vaccinate your child is putting them at risk.

    • Those statements are untrue Jake and you are endangering public health with this simplistic assessment. If you are interested in the debate you could start by doing some research and using an evidence-based argument to debate this topic. We are currently over-vaccinating children and it is necessary to assess each vaccine separately to determine its value to public health when it is known that all vaccines have side-effects in some children and life-threatening chronic illness is escalating with the expansion of the vaccination schedule. It is not acceptable (or scientific) to keep adding vaccines to the schedule if you have not proved that the vaccines are not causing this illness in our children. The government’s policy is not based on scientific methodology because it has not investigated this possibility.

  4. “The anti-vax proponents also hold extremist views because vaccination principles are generally sound. It is the manufacturers supported by a medical cartel, that are the real villains in this drama because they continue to make and promote unsafe vaccines and develop new vaccines without any formal evidence. It is also obvious that vaccination does not equate to immunisation!” this statement doesn’t make sense – if vaccination does not equal immunisation, vaccine principles are inherently NOT SOUND. vaccines don’t work, have never been shown to work, cause more harm than good since the beginning.

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