PSA Media Releases – Vic. Pharmacist Medal Award

Beatrix Zielonka-Perry awarded Victorian Pharmacist Medal
November 19, 2016

High-achieving community pharmacist Beatrix Zielonka-Perry has won the Victorian Pharmacist Medal for 2016, presented by the peak national body for pharmacists, PSA.

Beatrix Zielonka-PerryMs Zielonka-Perry received the award, alongside Robert Scarso who won the Victorian Intern Pharmacist of the Year, at the annual Victorian Pharmacists Dinner on Friday 18 November.

PSA Victorian President Ben Marchant said Ms Zielonka-Perry received the Award for her passion, empathy and exceptional care for the local community, particularly in the area of mental health.

“Beatrix is an accredited pharmacist with more than 30 years of community pharmacy experience. She has been proactive in the development of counselling in pharmacy,” Mr Marchant said.

The Victorian Pharmacist Medal recognises the excellent contribution of pharmacists at the grass-roots level by improving the wellbeing of the general public. Through this Award, the Victorian State Committee seeks to tell the stories of many quiet achievers within the profession.

Mr Marchant said Ms Zielonka-Perry’s interest in counselling and mental health led her to undergo a degree in psychology. She now owns and operates a pharmacy in McCrae on the Mornington Peninsula and is a leading advocate of pharmacist counselling.

“Beatrix is passionate about pharmacists being out front talking to people. She believes if pharmacists listen carefully and encourage patients to talk, sooner or later they will discover what is going on, and are well placed to offer help,” Mr Marchant said.

Ms Zielonka-Perry is currently overseas so her husband Mark Perry accepted the medal on her behalf from Mary Anne Thomas, Victorian Cabinet Secretary for Health.

Mr Scarso was named Victorian Intern Pharmacist of the Year for his work at Chemist Warehouse in Fairfield. This Award recognises intern pharmacists who show outstanding performance in their development and act as role models among Early Career Pharmacists.

Valda Comber received a certificate of appreciation for her service as a co-founder and executive of the Pharmacist Support Service Management Committee from its inception to 2016.

Geelong-based pharmacist Greg Porte also received a certificate of appreciation for his tireless efforts in ensuring patient-focused care by collaborating with other health professionals and pioneering new models of care. He runs the first Health Destination pharmacy in Victoria.

At the dinner, PSA Victoria also expressed sincere thanks to PSA Victorian staff member Judy Sinclair for her outstanding commitment and dedication to PSA over more than 40 years of service.

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