PSA Media Releases – 1. Monash Student of the Year 2. Pharmacists in GP Practices 3. PSA Welcomes 6CPA Signing

May 29, 2015
Amanda Horiniak of Monash University named Victorian Pharmacy Student of the Year

Monash University pharmacy student Amanda Horiniak has been named Victorian Pharmacy Student of the Year.

Ms Horiniak was described as a highly motivated, enthusiastic and passionate student who was looking forward to her future career as a Pharmacist.

The closely contested competition was judged by Nancy Goubran, Pharmacist Area Manager with National Pharmacies and in charge of Professional Services; .Ana Baos, managing pharmacist responsible for the professional and clinical development of all pharmacists within the Quality Pharmacy Group; and Rachel Walker, a community pharmacist for 22 years in proprietor partnership across multiple sites in the Quality Pharmacy Group. 

The judges said the competition was very close and all the competitors displayed a great depth of knowledge which they combined very effectively with strong communication skills during the counselling competition.

The PSOTY competition is proud to have as industry partners API and Alphapharm. 

The other finalists were:

  • Eboney Krygger (La Trobe)
  • Anh Nguyen (RMIT)
  • Rachel O’Brien (La Trobe)
  • Nathan Ting (Monash)
  • Harpreet Kaur (RMIT)

The national finals of the PSOTY competition will be conducted at PSA15 being held at Sofitel Sydney Wentworth, 31 July – 2 August 2015.  Further details and registration are available at
May 28, 2015
PSA welcomes AMA submission on pharmacists working in GP practices

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia has welcomed the announcement by the Australian Medical Association that it has presented the Government with a proposal to make non-dispensing pharmacists a key part of the general practice healthcare team.

The AMA proposal follows collaborative work between the PSA and AMA to develop the model to support a more integrated role for pharmacists to work in GP practices as part of the primary care team.

National President of the PSA, Grant Kardachi, said both organisations and their members recognised the benefits that would flow from having pharmacists working closely with their medical colleagues in GP settings.

“As the AMA has said, this collaboration will create greater efficiencies for general practices, better care for patients, new career opportunities for pharmacists, and significant Budget savings across the whole health system,” Mr Kardachi said.

“The proposal will see pharmacists in general practice settings involved in areas including medication management, patient education on their medications and supporting GP prescribing with advice on medication interactions and new medications.

“The AMA evidence shows the plan can reduce fragmentation of patient care, improve prescribing and use of medicines, reduce hospital admissions from adverse drug events and deliver better health outcomes for patients.”

Mr Kardachi said research by Deloitte Access Economics showed that for every $1 invested in the program, $1.56 would be generated in savings to the health system.

“This team care approach is particularly important at time when the ageing population and increasing chronic disease are putting added pressures on the healthcare system,” Mr Kardachi said.

“A PSA forum will be held in Sydney on Monday 24 August to discuss this area of practice.

“Those attending will hear from Australian experts in this area, including our own Dr Chris Freeman, GPs, and international expert Ravi Sharma from the UK.

“This is a genuinely collaborative model of care and represents an exciting step for the medical profession, for pharmacists and, most importantly, for patients.”

May 27, 2015
PSA welcomes signing of Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia has welcomed the announcement today that the Australian Government and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia have signed the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement.

National President of the PSA, Grant Kardachi, said the agreement brought surety to the community pharmacy sector after a period of uncertainty for the whole profession.

“PSA particularly welcomes the doubling in this agreement to $1.26 billion of funding for the provision of patient-focussed professional services,” Mr Kardachi said.

“This $1.26 billion for pharmacist-delivered professional services is what the PSA has been long advocating for and represents the largest funding for this crucial area of health provision of any agreement to date.

“It is an important recognition of the role that pharmacists can play in health delivery beyond the core role of dispensing.”

The funding allocation amounts to some 7 per cent of the total agreement budget.

Mr Kardachi said the Pharmacy Guild and the Minister for Health, Sussan Ley, were to be congratulated on negotiating a successful agreement during a difficult period.

“The Government and the pharmacy profession are united in a desire to ensure there is a sustainable and viable health system,” Mr Kardachi said.

“This agreement reiterates there is a common interest in promoting the sustainability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the PBS, as well as the viability of an effective community pharmacy sector.

“PSA looks forward to working on the development and implementation of evidence-based services which improve the health outcomes of the community.

“We also welcome the retention of the pharmacy location rules which we believe are in the best interests of consumers.”

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