PSA Media Releases – 1. Dorothy Lucardie receives OAM 2. First Pharmacist Vaccination in Vic 3. Everyone Responsible to Reduce Antibiotic Resistance 4. Joe Demarte re-elected president 5. Early career pharmacist appointed to national board

Dorothy Lucardie receives OAM for adult education service
June 20 2016

Highly-respected adult educator and Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) National Training Manager Dorothy Lucardie has been honoured with an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) as part of the Queen’s Birthday celebrations.

Ms Lucardie, who’s currently completing a PhD on ‘learning for fun’ at Federation University in Victoria, was awarded an OAM for her outstanding service to adult education in Australia.

Her passion and commitment to leadership in adult education has resulted in a range of significant achievements including being Adult Learning Australia (ALA) president, Albury Wodonga Community College chief executive officer and an Australian Coalition for Educational Development member.

Ms Lucardie – who is a researcher and administrator in adult education – was also inducted into the Hall of Fame for adult educators in 2014.

She has said that her interest in education started when she went back to evening school to complete her Higher School Certificate after having her first child.

PSA National President Joe Demarte applauded Ms Lucardie for her outstanding achievements and commitment to excellence.

“Being bestowed with an OAM is a fantastic reward for Ms Lucardie after many years of hard work and dedication to her passion of adult learning including in the pharmacy sector,” Mr Demarte said.

“On behalf of PSA, I thank her for wonderful work over recent years in education and training to help improve education standards of pharmacists in Australia.”

PSA Life Member Philip Messenger also received an OAM for his service to the Benalla community.

“PSA congratulates Philip on his outstanding achievement,” Mr Demarte said.

“We believe he is a pharmacist of high-standing that deserves the appropriate recognition within the Order of Australia.”

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First pharmacist vaccination provided in Victoria
June 20, 2016

The first pharmacist-administered vaccination in Victoria has been welcomed as an important public health boost by the peak national body for pharmacists, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA).

In a healthcare milestone, the first patient in Victoria was vaccinated for pertussis today by PSA Victorian Branch President Ben Marchant at Spiro Koutsis Pharmacy in Melbourne, supported by the Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy and senior health officials.

New regulations in Victoria allow pharmacists to administer influenza and pertussis-containing vaccines to adults at approved pharmacies, including those who qualify for the National Immunisation program and the Victorian Government Parent’s Whooping Cough Vaccination program.

During the vaccination, attended by Victorian pharmacy and healthcare leaders, Mr Marchant applauded the Victorian Government’s support to enable pharmacist-delivered vaccinations to provide important healthcare benefits to local communities across the State.

“Pharmacist-delivered immunisation is an effective public health service and helps vaccinate members of the community, including those with chronic conditions, who previously would not have been vaccinated,” Mr Marchant said.

“Pharmacists can now play an important role in promoting vaccination and reducing the impact of vaccine-preventable disease in the community.”
Pharmacists administering vaccinations in Victoria must undergo an accredited training program to ensure they have the knowledge, understanding and skills to deliver vaccines and identify and treat any possible side-effects.

“PSA is delighted to support the profession by offering an extensive training program to equip pharmacists in immunisation as a major public health boost,” Mr Marchant said.
PSA acknowledged and sincerely thanked the Victorian Government, Health Minister, Chief Health Officer, Department of Health, the allied health workforce and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia for helping to bring this project to fruition.

On a national level, pharmacist-delivered vaccinations are now approved in SA, Queensland, Victoria, ACT, NSW, WA and Tasmania. The Northern Territory is still finalising regulations to deliver pharmacist immunisations, which are currently occurring through a pilot program.
PSA has trained more than 1850 pharmacists around the country, according to the latest statistics, to meet growing demand in the wake of legislative changes in several States, enabling pharmacists to deliver high-quality immunisation services in pharmacies.

Everyone’s responsibility to reduce antimicrobial resistance
June 21, 2016 

All health professionals – including pharmacists – as well as consumers have a responsibility to reduce the dependence of antibiotics in Australia, according to the peak national body for pharmacists, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA).

New research shows Australia continues to lag behind other nations on antimicrobial use in the community and around 50 per cent of patients surveyed with a cold or upper respiratory infection had an antibiotic prescribed when it wasn’t needed, theAntimicrobial Use and Resistance in Australia (AURA) report showed.

Australian health officials also highlighted that the AURA report is an important “wake-up call” to individuals and health professionals to work together to prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance.

PSA National President Joe Demarte said pharmacists can play a fundamental role in antimicrobial stewardship in Australia.

“The pharmacy profession in partnership with the Federal Government, other health practitioners and consumers, must make an effective and sustained contribution to a national response to antimicrobial resistance,” Mr Demarte said. “Advice about the use of antibiotics must be disseminated to consumers, in addition to antibiotic awareness weeks and other time-limited campaigns.”

Mr Demarte said many people suffering from flu or respiratory problems may think a treatment with antibiotics is needed.

“However pharmacists can give the proper counselling for these health problems, ensuring that patients have a good understanding of their illness and realistic expectations of its progression,” Mr Demarte said.

“Pharmacists regularly assist patients, even when a prescriber has made the appropriate evidence-based decision not to prescribe an antimicrobial. In some cases, patients may require advice on symptomatic treatments.”

Mr Demarte said PSA continued to work closely with the Federal Government to:

 Strengthen consumer awareness initiatives to improve understanding of antimicrobial resistance and the importance of using antibiotics appropriately

 Strengthen communication and education initiatives for pharmacists in AMR

 Encourage continued increases in vaccination rates to prevent infections.

PSA also supports new initiatives that encourage better communication between prescribers, consumers and pharmacists around the intent of delayed prescriptions or repeats for antibiotics.

“There are innovative projects underway, including by the University of Queensland, as part of a program offering advice to a patient to only have a prescription filled at a pharmacy after a few days if symptoms are not settling or become more severe. A sticker will be applied to the prescription labelling it as a delayed prescription,” Mr Demarte said.

“These are perfect opportunities for pharmacists to have a conversation with consumers about antimicrobial resistance.”

Joe Demarte re-elected PSA National President
June 22, 2016

Victorian pharmacist Joe Demarte has been re-elected as President by the National Board of the peak body for Australia’s pharmacists, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) today.

Mr Demarte, who is also a member of PSA’s Victorian Branch Committee, continues for a second term as National President after officially taking on the role in 2015.

The PSA National Board also elected Michelle Lynch from Victoria and Dr Chris Freeman from Queensland as Vice-Presidents.

Mr Demarte said he was honoured to be re-elected as National President, which is an important leadership role for PSA.

“It’s an exciting and important time for pharmacists and the profession and I am delighted to be able to lead it once again,” Mr Demarte said.

“There are many interesting challenges facing the profession and some great opportunities, especially in terms of new career paths, new roles and remuneration, innovation and value-adding services being provided by PSA to members.

“As always, I am committed to helping PSA’s members grasp these opportunities and help build their professional careers while improving the health of all Australians.”

Mr Demarte also paid tribute to the Vice-Presidents, especially Dr Freeman, who accepted his first executive Board role.

“Dr Freeman is a rising star of the profession and I’m delighted to see him join the Executive of the PSA National Board,” he said.

“I greatly look forward to working with the National Board, PSA’s elected officials, executive team and members to ensure we all continue to collaborate to ensure a bright and sustainable future for our profession, and assist members deliver excellence in pharmacist care,” Mr Demarte said.

PSA National Board executive - June 2016


Early Career Pharmacist appointed to PSA National Board
June 24, 2016

High-achieving pharmacist Taren Gill is the first Early Career Pharmacist (ECP) to be appointed as a National Board Director to help shape the future of the profession, the peak national organisation for pharmacists the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) said today.

In a historic announcement, PSA’s National Board has approved the appointment of Ms Gill – a NSW-based rural hospital pharmacist and community pharmacist – as the new ECP PSA Director following an extensive recruitment process, which attracted a significant number of applications.

As a multi-skilled pharmacist, Ms Gill currently works in several areas of practice including as Deputy Director of Pharmacy at Orange Hospital, a community pharmacist at Blooms the Chemist Orange and is a pharmacy lecturer at Charles Sturt University supporting students at Orange and Wagga Wagga.

Ms Gill is widely respected as a leader among ECPs in Australia through her tireless work with pharmacy students and she was also awarded PSA’s Young Pharmacist of the Year in 2014.

Newly re-elected PSA National President Joe Demarte said he was delighted PSA’s Board had made a strategic decision for the future needs of the profession, which now includes a stronger focus on ECPs.

“This is a historic and important milestone for the organisation, which proudly represents all pharmacists in Australia, including our young, rising stars of the profession,” Mr Demarte said.  “Ms Gill will make a wonderful addition to PSA’s National Board as she brings plenty of passion, enthusiasm and experience to the organisation.”

Ms Gill said she was delighted to accept the prestigious and historic role with PSA.

“It’s a great honour to be appointed as the first Early Career Pharmacist Board Director for PSA,” Ms Gill said. “I will take this role and platform that I have been provided to voice issues for ECPs and devote the necessary time and effort to fulfil this important position.”

Ms Gill’s appointment will be 12 months, and she will also become Chair of the National ECP Working Group.

PSA CEO Dr Lance Emerson said PSA was delighted by the large number of high calibre and outstanding candidates who applied for the ECP role.

“I applaud the enthusiasm and passion shown by these ECPs, which highlights there’s a very bright future for the profession,” Dr Emerson said.

“This appointment will help ensure that what PSA delivers to members includes the needs of ECPs and that we understand exactly what’s needed for them to thrive in their careers and deliver excellence in pharmacist care.”

Taren Gill - ECP Board Director

ECP National Board appointment: Pharmacist Taren Gill.


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