PSA Media Releases – 1. Aboriginal Health Services & Pharmacists 2. Samuel Turner – QUT Student of the Year

June 15, 2015
National Rural health conference supports PSA’s call for more pharmacists in Aboriginal Health Services

Rural healthcare professionals have supported PSA’s Budget submission in calling on the Australian Government to urgently address the lack of medication management and pharmacy services in rural and remote areas.

Delegates at the 13th Rural Health conference in Darwin said addressing this area of need had to be a priority for the healthcare system.

One of the 10 priority recommendations to emerge from the conference was: “The Commonwealth Government to fund clinical pharmacy positions in Aboriginal health services to oversee the delivery of the S100 Remote Area Aboriginal Health Service Program.”

The recommendation was supported by the 1,200 delegates at the conference which had a strong focus on improving health and social equity in rural and remote Australia.

Delegates were encouraged after each plenary and concurrent session to put forward recommendations which were then considered and voted on by other delegates.

The 18 most popular recommendations now form the advocacy priorities for the National Rural Health Alliance.

National President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Grant Kardachi, said the recommendation was one of the two main recommendations in PSA’s budget submission and also was raised in PSA’s 6CPA discussion paper.

He said this model is fully supported by the PSA which is committed to improving health delivery to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and all communities in rural and remote areas of Australia.

“The reality is that rural and remote areas of Australia still suffer from a disproportionately low number of health services being available to meet the needs of patients,” he said.

“PSA has long advocated for the Government to take steps to address this issue”. Mr Kardachi said increasing the number of pharmacists in rural and remote areas, and in the Aboriginal Health Service Program would be a significant step in improving health outcomes in these communities.

“Pharmacists are ideally placed to play a more significant role in managing these conditions within the community and to identify those most at risk,” he said.

June 12, 2015
QUT student Samuel Turner named Queensland Pharmacy Student of the Year

Queensland University of Technology pharmacy student Samuel Turner has been named the Queensland Pharmacy Student of the Year.

Mr Turner, who was one of eight finalists, will now go on to compete against Pharmacy Student of the Year winners from all other States and Territories vying for the national title at PSA15.

The other finalists were:

  • Adam Parker (Griffith University)
  • Brooke Snow (James Cook University)
  • Cassandra Lee (Griffith University)
  • Danielle Silvestro (James Cook University
  • Jessica Hopgood (University of Queensland)
  • Kristy Leathart (Queensland University of Technology)
  • Zara Gannon (University of Queensland

The judges included one member of the PSA Queensland Branch Committee Jacqueline Kiel, one PSA Queensland staff member Jan Castrisos and Regina Cowie from API.

The judges said all students were outstanding with their counselling skills and it was very close between Jessica Hopgood and Samuel Turner. However Samuel Turner was the overall winner on the day and was presented with a finalist certificate by Regina Cowie.

Judge Jacqueline Kiel said the judges were very impressed with the level of professionalism and communication by all students.

“We were looking for correct clinical recommendations plus additional lifestyle advice; clear and concise communication and for it to be presented in a logical manner with thorough questioning,” she said.

Jan Castrisos and Regina Cowie said the eight finalists were of such a high standard that judging was very difficult.

“Ultimately it came down to the person who was able to show excellent communication skills, in particular, in speaking to the customer,” they said.

“They needed to display empathy as well as excellent clinical knowledge and advice across pharmacological and non-pharmacological means.”

Mr Turner will now go on to compete against winners from all other States and Territories vying for the national title at PSA15. being held at Sofitel Sydney Wentworth from 31 July to 2 August 2015. 

Further details and registration are available at


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