Please Help the Worried Well

I’m not sure what’s happening, and it may be a result of the issues around blood tests for everything including underwear size, but I’m seeing lots of blokes especially who, having had a blood test which shows a slightly elevated something or other, are scared stiff about the ramifications.

Fasting glucose levels that has slightly changed, minerals that are a little different from “normal”, or cholesterol (my favourite test) where the focus is on the “total” only.
What an opportunity for primary care!
Explaining the results of a blood test is a great way to engage.
Most of what the GP has said is completely missed, especially by men – the worried well sees only the numbers when they get home.

And they crave some explanations, some rational reasons why things have changed, and more especially, what they might be able to do to prevent “being put on something” by the GP.
Get involved everybody – the opportunities to become involved won’t present themselves for long if the system gets its way. Negotiations are fine, posturing is fine, demanding is fine, but the patient continues to say……
“What about me!”


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