NPS Media Releases – How is your CPD going?

In case you missed our latest update

April marks the half-way point of the pharmacist CPD year, which makes it a good time to review your plan, reflect on what you’ve already achieved and seek further learning opportunities. If you need to boost your credits, we have an extensive range of CPD activities available. We’ve featured a few of our most recent activities below.
Statins: promoting adherence, addressing intolerance

Improve your confidence in assessing suspected statin-associated muscle symptoms and help optimise your patients’ adherence to lipid-modifying medicines by completing our latest Pharmacy Practice Review on statins

Optimising rheumatoid arthritis treatment

How can you optimise a patient’s methotrexate therapy for the management of rheumatoid arthritis? This case study focuses on strategies for pharmacists to help their patients optimise the use of once-weekly low-dose methotrexate

Optimising statin therapy

How do we optimise a patient’s statin therapy for the management of dyslipidaemia with minimal side effects? Complete this online case study and receive instant feedback on your responses, compare your approach with your peers and read expert commentary

COPD: demonstrating devices, evaluating medicines

Review the latest management approach for COPD and the currently available medicines and devices with our Pharmacy Practice Review.

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