NPS Media Releases – 1. Pharmacy Practice Review – Statins: promoting adherence, addressing intolerance 2. Fast Five Rheumatoid Arthritis 3. NMS early bird registration now open 4. Winners of our National ‘Preserve the Power’ Competition 5. Australian Prescriber

1. Pharmacy Practice Review – Statins: promoting adherence, addressing intolerance

Improve your confidence in assessing suspected statin-associated muscle symptoms and help optimise your patients’ adherence to lipid-modifying medicines by completing our Pharmacy Practice Review on statins.    
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2. Fast Five Rheumatoid Arthritis

Number 1

Webinar: Rheumatoid arthritis and methotrexate
Join our free webinar to discuss early diagnosis and timely initiation of methotrexate; health professional roles and interdisciplinary care for prescribing and monitoring of methotrexate; counselling on use of methotrexate.
  Thursday, 12 April 2018. 7:00pm AEST    Register now

Number 2Medicinewise News: Shared care approaches to rheumatoid arthritis
The use of DMARDs, with methotrexate as the backbone of the treatment, has revolutionised rheumatoid arthritis management, but there is still room to maximise the benefit    Read more

Number 3

Case study: Optimising rheumatoid arthritis treatment
How can you optimise a patient’s methotrexate therapy for the management of rheumatoid arthritis? This case study focuses on strategies for pharmacists to help their patients optimise the use of once-weekly low-dose methotrexate.     Start case study


Number 4

Rheumatoid arthritis: low-dose methotrexate
Developed in partnership with the Australian Rheumatology Association and Arthritis Australia, this interactive patient action plan supports discussions between health professionals and patients starting low-dose once-weekly methotrexate for
                    rheumatoid arthritis.    Download now
Number 5Managing rheumatoid arthritis
Early treatment is effective in managing symptoms and slowing down disease progression. For patients living with rheumatoid arthritis, our website has information covering diagnosis, treatment and how to manage this condition.    Find out more


3. NMS early bird registration now open

Take advantage of discounted early bird registration rates for the National Medicines Symposium and register before 20 April.  Held 30 May – 1 June in Canberra, the conference program features international and national experts who will explore current innovations, and promote discussion around medicines and the health environment in Australia and across the globe.
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4. Winners of our National ‘Preserve the Power’ Competition 

Brisbane-based Lucas Tomoana took out the title for the ‘Preserve the power’ over 18 category with his short film, Keep the bugs outta the club. His humorous film features a man who is rejected from entering a pharmacy due to his overuse of antibiotics.      Watch the film


5. Australian Prescriber

Australian Prescriber Podcast

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