NPS Media Releases – 1. Australian Prescriber New Drug Glecaprevir 2. MEDICINEWISE UPDATE

Australian Prescriber
Brivaracetam for epilepsy

Glecaprevir/pibrentasvir for hepatitis C
This new combination is suitable for a wide range of patients with hepatitis C,
but has the potential for many drug interactions.
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fbe084fa-a679-4146-b3a1-7adc22f20a2d.pngAnnouncing the launch of the latest Be Medicinewise Week campaign from NPS MedicineWiseBe Medicinewise Week 20-26 August 2018: Our families matter, so it’s important to make safe and wise decisions about medicines and health.

For 8 years, Be Medicinewise Week has been encouraging Australians to make good decisions about medicines, medical tests and other health choices.

See below for more information on how to share the Be Medicinewise Week messages.  We invite you to share this with your organisation and networks and help support this year’s campaign.

Medicinewise families
This year our focus is on medicinewise families. Medicines are part of most people’s lives, so it’s critical to have access to all the information we need about the medicines we, and our family members, are taking.

Important information that medicinewise families need to know includes:

Taking medicines during pregnancy
Taking medicines while breastfeeding
How to give medicine to a child in your care
How to remember what medicines you’re taking
How much medicine to take and when to take it
How to store medicines correctly

Find out more about how to be medicinewise

▷  Find out 5 questions to ask your doctor about medicines and more about
Be Medicinewise Week at
Find out 5 questions to ask your doctor from Choosing Wisely Australia
Call our Medicines Line on 1300 MEDICINE (1300 633 424)
Download our free Medicinewise app
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How to get involved
Our campaign toolkit is now available and includes tips and tools for spreading medicinewise messages.
Display our downloadable posters in your workplace and find suggestions for encouraging medicinewise behaviour.
Take a break from the regular grind at work and host your own Be Medicinewise Week event.
The social media guide included in the campaign toolkit has been created to assist you with copy to include as you share Be Medicinewise Week resources and messages.
To find out more about Be Medicinewise Week visit our site.


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