NPS Media Release – New Antibiotic and Aged Care Collaboration


NPS MedicineWise and Webstercare are proud to announce their latest collaborative Medicinewise Report to assist in the review of use of antibiotics for urinary tract infections (UTIs) in residential aged care facilities (RACFs).

The RACF Medicinewise Report enables RACFs to identify patterns of medicine use and reports are free to access via pharmacies from the Webstercare Medication Management Software.

This latest RACF Medicinewise Report, Antibiotics for urinary tract infections’, helps RACFs to:

*  Regularly review antibiotic use for UTIs

*  Understand and analyse antibiotic use

*  Improve resident care in line with evidence-based guidelines

*  Identify what preventive treatments are being used

*  Compare medicine use against comparator data

*  Identify residents who may benefit from a review of their medicines.

Dr Lynn Weekes, Chief Executive Officer of NPS MedicineWise, says this newest collaboration with Webstercare will support improved care within RACFs. 

“Reflecting on a facility’s current practice of prescribing of antibiotics for UTIs is highly beneficial,” says Dr Weekes. “For many people treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria is usually not required. Excessive use of antibiotics may be contributing to the high levels of antibiotic resistance seen in residents of aged care facilities.”

Webstercare founder and Managing Director, Mr Gerard Stevens, says that NPS MedicineWise and Webstercare are committed to supporting the aged care industry.

“Webstercare shares NPS MedicineWise’s commitment to improving the quality use of medicines for all Australians,” Mr Stevens said. “This is our second collaborative report and I am very pleased it will help support that goal, particularly with respect to the quality use of antibiotics in the treatment of urinary tract infections in residential aged care facilities.

“This unique report offers new information to help facilities and their healthcare teams make more informed and collaborative treatment decisions for residents,” he said.

Reports are available in the latest Webstercare software update, version 15.2.01 of Webstercare’s Professional and Professional Plus Medication Management Software. The report can also be used to undertake the latest NPS MedicineWiseMedicines Use Review (Aged care)—Antibiotics in urinary tract infections: ensuring appropriate use, a free quality improvement activity that helps nurses and pharmacists working in RACFs reflect on and improve current practices and earn CPD points. 

Antibiotics for urinary tract infections’ is the second collaborative report by NPS MedicineWise and Webstercare. The first—‘Antipsychotics for behavioural and psychological symptoms for dementia’—is also available in Webstercare’s Medication Management Software.

Further information is available on the NPS MedicineWise and Webstercare websites

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