Nominate now for 2014 PSA Excellence Awards

Nominations for the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia prestigious Awards for Excellence – acknowledged as the pharmacy profession’s most prestigious and sought-after awards – are open for only another four weeks.
National President of PSA, Grant Kardachi, said the PSA Excellence Awards acknowledged and recognised some of the profession’s great achievers and he encouraged pharmacists to nominate or put forward their peers for an award.

“The awards are in three categories – the PSA’s Pharmacist of the Year, Young Pharmacist of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Awards – and these represent the profession’s pinnacles of achievement,” Mr Kardachi said.

“The awards look to those who in particular are involved in innovative practice; those striving to raise practice standards; and those who, through their professionalism, provide a model of practice for others to emulate.”

The Pharmacist of the Year, Young Pharmacist of the Year and the Lifetime Achievement Award recipient each receive prizes including a Symbion Education Grant to the value of $9,000.

Mr Kardachi said the awards honoured those who achieved and maintained the highest standards of commitment and professionalism in pharmacy.

“The Excellence Awards recognise those exceptional individuals in pharmacy who contribute so much to the profession,” Mr Kardachi said.

“The recognition of their expertise and achievements by their peers is what makes these awards so sought after and respected.”

Brett Barons, General Manager Symbion Pharmacy, sponsor of the awards for the tenth consecutive year, said pharmacists at all levels of the profession were inspired and motivated by the Excellence Awards.

“These awards are an inspiration for all sectors of the profession to continue to lift standards even higher and the recognition the awards provide reflects the exceptional quality of healthcare provided by pharmacists throughout Australia. These awards highlight what is great about our profession and how those in it never cease to strive for excellence,” Mr Barons said.

Nominations close on August 29 and nomination forms are available at or from


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