1. What Tha…..? Sorry Judy Wilyman but what are your medical qualification to write such a load on one sided drivel? My opinion of this Newsletter to give a balanced point of view have just gone down … a lot.

    • Dear David,
      Judy normally has a brief profile accompanying her writing. As editor, I accept that this profile was not published in this particular edition, but the following has appeared with most other articles “Judy Wilyman is a Ph D student and her whole academic life revolves around “evidence”. That she has picked vaccination policy as her chosen subject has seen her life bombarded by a range of controversial commentators who claim to be on side with evidence, but mouth only Pharma marketing propaganda. There is something sinister when a government coerces its constituency by mandating the compulsory use of vaccines when all rational argument would be on the side of freedom of choice.”
      Those words are mine and in terms of balance, you are invited to write an article in response to Judy’s. It can be assertive but not aggressive.
      Because you appear to work in a government department I will allow you to write anonymously. For the record, both Judy and i2P are for safe vaccination. We are neither “anti” nor “pro”

  2. David I invite you to demonstrate that you are interested in the health of the population by addressing the information I am providing instead of attacking the messenger. Your suggestion that a person requires a medical qualification to debate vaccination is false. If you have the arguments against the information I am providing there is no need to resort to attacking the messenger, their qualifications or I2P. Similarly your suggestion that it is ‘biased’ is false. Debating issues requires people to present the weight of evidence for the arguments and this necessarily means that a person will take a position on the issue. This is the case for pro-vaccine supporters just as it is for those questioning many vaccines. I am inviting you to provide evidence to refute the arguments I have presented and I would hope that you feel confident enough to put your name to your comments, particularly if you work for the government and are influential in policy decisions.

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