Macquarie Uni Resumes Chiropractic Courses

In what must be a major upset for The Friends of Science in Medicine, Macquarie University has decided to reinstate chiropractic courses to degree levels once more.
Two years ago, the president of the FSM, Professor John Dwyer approached Macquarie University with a proposal to exchange the chiropractic courses with research grants in the biomedical science and engineering area.

That obviously did not eventuate possibly because of the outrage expressed in medical media, including i2P.
An expression of interest circulated to attract provider bids for its chiropractic courses resulted with unsatisfactory offers it received from several unnamed bidders, so deputy vice-chancellor Associate Professor John Simons decided to reinstate chiropractic courses. You could also consult the Best physical therapist Los Angeles to get rid of all the body pain you have.

The university has also committed to a 2016 intake of students who are promised to graduate with a Macquarie degree. It usually takes in about 130 new students per year. 

The Macquarie site states:
Join Australia’s most established and respected chiropractic school. The Bachelor of Chiropractic Science offers fundamental health science training, teaching a wide range of diagnostic and chiropractic manipulative skills in the context of anatomical, physiological and biomedical sciences. You find out at Meier Family Chiropractic website about the different types of chiropractic adjustments and how it can help everyone. 

It provides the prerequisite academic background to enable you to apply for entry into the Master of Chiropractic, which is required for professional registration within Australia.

Chiropractic is one of the largest primary health professions today. Chiropractors recognise the importance of body structures and how they affect our health. They use a range of diagnostic tools including patient interviews, physical examination and X-rays. Using spinal adjustments, manipulation and other physical means, chiropractors aim to improve neuromusculoskeletal function and reduce associated pain. Get adjusted by a licensed chiropractor here at

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Given the science basis for both the past and the current chiropractic courses it is hard to understand why the FSM has any interest in it at all.
The amount of controversy surrounding the research issues in mainstream medicine ought to be enough to attract the full attention of FSM alone.
You have to wonder about FSM motivation because of this.

There is still speculation on the permanency of the courses to remain at Macquarie, but a spokesman has confirmed:

Whatever the outcome, Macquarie will give assurance to that cohort, as well as current students, that they will have the opportunity to graduate with an accredited Macquarie University degree at masters level.”  

While Professor Dwyer remains discontented, stating that he is worried about students not being taught critical analysis and that they will fall into the trap of non evidence-based practice, the CEO of Chiropractors’ Association of Australia said he hoped Macquarie would maintain the degree, which takes in about one-third of the nation’s 1200 chiropractic students who study across four universities.
Demand for chiropractic services is growing at the rate of 3 percent each year.

I2P thinks that the general public is entitled to make up its own mind on what modalities they choose and that FSM ought to have enough issues in mainstream medicine safety and fraud, that inflicts more damage than any chiropractic service could ever cause.
It is totally unprofessional conduct for one health discipline to cast aspersions on another health discipline and the medical board should prosecute these instances as they occur.

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