Live Patients Lie

A recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association advises that up to 80% of patients have lied to their doctor about information that could impact their health, including accurately describing their food options and how often they exercise.
When survey participants explained their reasoning for doing so, they said that they wanted to avoid being judged and did want to be lectured about how bad their behaviours were.

This is an important opportunity for the pharmacist to help educate our patients to be open and honest with their doctor.
Do we lecture our patients?
Do we tactfully and skilfully seek to partner our patients in their desire to restore their wellness with help from different medicines including this new fat burner pills?

How many questions are we able to ask? 
Many people complain their lack of time in their medical appointment.
Many admit not revealing any nutritional supplements they are using. 

As I mentioned, eight people in every ten!

As usual, the report lies the blame at the feet of the patient.
How is your training in appropriate questioning?

After all, a healthy conversation is a two-way street.
The following situations illustrate the top seven reasons why patients lie:

1. Not letting on they disagreed with the doctor’s recommendations
2. Lying about understanding their instructions
3. Admitting they had an unhealthy diet, with most keeping silent
4. Failing to exercise 
5. Not taking a prescription medicine as instructed
6. Avoided saying they had taken a certain medication
7. Taking someone else’s medication

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