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  1. CAM has been using those terms for over 50 years. It is medicine who have not only usurped the term, but as yet, have not jumped out of their alopathic paradigm of “TREATING THE SYMPTOM &/or The RESULT of the treatment”. CAM used the term ‘HEALTH’ centres for many years too, until others such as gyms took that over.
    The CAM use of terms such as Health and Wellness is primarily not used as an add-on after drastic medical interventions, such as Ms Marron points out is the way it is used, but rather as approaches to enhance awareness that optimise bodily functions as close as possible to normal WITHOUT THE TRANSFORMING interferences to normal function in cells, tissues and organs caused by super-imposed un-natural toxins, surgery and radiation.
    This is advising clients/friends/patients/visitors of things that enhance bodily functions, and being aware of things that may be harmful, and best avoided. Even genetic expression can be altered with a better/more appropriate lifestyle, and even with cancers, the pendulum has long swung away from heredity to environment as the main factor. The reference to vitamins as causing cancer etc has long been discredited as being a product of the corrupted, biased, and unfortunately dis-honest reporting cast as “research” of which we see so much in recent times, that it’s hard to know what is genuine, believable, research.
    Like you, with your well-known story of your own cancer, most people initially consult their GP, and when dis-satisfied with the attitude, personal and conditional treatment, lack of results etc, do they then seek care from CAM. Most apparently are so satisfied that they continue to consult CAM, even as their family’s first port of call. This is one of the huge alarms the medical profession have.
    Bastardisation of the language is problem. Medical use of Wellness is just like the term ‘Health Department’, a total reversal of the concept and definition of the word. I have never seen the figures published, but there would be little argument from Joe Public that the vast majority of the so-called Health budget is not spent on promoting HEALTH, but in treating sickness, and we are all paying the price for that. A famous Health writer and philosopher said towards the end of the 20th Century “The pharmaceutical assault on the health of the nation has been a dismal failure.”

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