Is Health a Team Game Anymore?

Interesting statement from the outgoing AMA president where he says that “if we go farming off little elements of health care to pharmacy and other health professionals, we lose out”.
I interpret that as simply “we doctors make less money” but in my view, the patient benefits wonderfully in most instances.

The recent exchanges on the length of time that the current flu vaccine remains effective is a case in point.
The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a powerful force, and the early promotion of the availability of the Quadrivalent vaccine caused angst at Medical Headquarters.

Add to that the comments from the immediate past vice-president of the RACGP Queensland where, in his blog he asks “is community pharmacy on a road to nowhere?”

This was actually a veiled crack at the King review (as part of Australian Senators now being harassed) whereby the lashing out and gnashing of teeth continues.

This gentleman even advises that we community pharmacists should “change tack”.
In my view, that means to merely do as we are told, fill prescriptions, offer nothing else and be grateful that the medical profession even acknowledges us at all.

Where have the interests of the patient been placed in these misguided outbursts from the outgoing officers of medical establishment?

This lack of respect for what we do has been developing for many, many years.
Are our professional bodies doing enough to maintain our importance?

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