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  1. How nice to have an acknowledgement of the beneficial impact of lifestyle changes. Ms Marron’s articles, whilst always containing some truth, as even Goebbels fulfilled, fails to look at 1] the fact that people who try these ‘methods’ are desperate, because they have tried everything the medical profession has to offer, to no avail 2] many people get immense benefit from these non-medical mainstream methods 3] I/V chelation is only one of many methods, and has it’s shortcomings, even as….wait for it….all medical treatments also have. There are other chelation modes, all having their own strengths and weaknesses, just as e.g. analgesics, antibiotics have.
    Ms Marron never fails to infer that if only they had had medical care, they would never have died/suffered. Totally ignoring that these people were desperate, medical care had not only failed them, but was frequently a major contributing factor to the symptomatic cascade, leading to their desperation.

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