International Self-Care Day – an Opportunity to Embrace

Remember when the “Self-Care” cards were launched by PSA?
Those were the days.
As a profession, pharmacists decided that they needed to play a more meaningful role in patient care, above and beyond the supply facility.
Never mind vocal engagement – these were written materials that quickly went into a back corner to gather dust.
Let’s use International Self-Care Day to re-engage with every person with whom we have the privilege of becoming involved in their health outcomes.

Tuesday July 24th is the day to draw a line in the sand, to make a decision to engage and to lead every staff member to do the same.
Can’t do it?
Frankly, I’d be worried if that’s your call because the pharmacist down the road will, and that gives your clients an option.

Whether we like it or not, there’s a move back to personal engagement, and we need to be part of this movement.
We didn’t learn this aspect of health in our training (I learned physics in my first year – that’s been an incredible help along the way…..) but it’s never too late.

International Self-Care Day is a global initiative, aiming to raise the profile of healthy lifestyle self-care programs and celebrate the importance of self-care to encourage the general public to practice responsible self-care.

Recent research findings reveal gaps in our patient’s health IQ.
In spite of publicly funded education programs, one in three men are unsure of the recommended intake of fruits, protein, and vegetables needed to maintain good health, more than half incorrectly assume that low-fat labelled foods have the same or lower levels of sugar that full-fat versions have, and one-quarter of men don’t know how much daily exercise is needed to reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease.

Interestingly, one in five Australians see their GP to treat a simple illness like a cold, suggesting a lack of understanding of self-care solutions.

This issue isn’t about selling product, it’s about engaging and informing.
These two important aspects of health education encourage trust and reinforce integrity – it shows that we actually care.
Are you up for it?

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