1. Very poetic, very emotive: But hardly a case study with sufficient detail for a professional to make any judgment upon. Has this case study been published in a journal? I suspect a far more complicated scenario. Who established “cause and effect” ???

  2. There are many of these stories happening after HPV vaccination and they are being documented by the US CDC adverse reaction database (VAERS) and the website – Safe, Affordable, Necessary and Effective Vaccines (www.sanevax.org). The public trusts that the clinical trials and post-vaccination surveillance are capable of determining cause and effect but this is not the case with HPV vaccines. The passive surveillance system used by all government regulators is inadequate for determining cause and effect (Ref: US CDC) and the clinical trials were also inadequate for establishing long-term cause and effect relationships. This information can be viewed in my article published in the journal Infectious Agents and Cancer (a link to this is on my website). Consequently there is inadequate knowledge of cause and effect even though many of the side-effects being observed after vaccination were identified in the clinical trials. Consequently the vaccine has been removed from the national programs in India and Japan due to the serious adverse events and court cases have started in Spain, France and India. Cause and effect should be established prior to the introduction of a vaccine into the community not after the event.

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