1. You BELIEVE what you want, Ms Smartypants, but you haven’t disproven that the above have no effect and you haven’t told us how cancer works. It’s quite basic, really. Why don’t you put your intellect and skepticism to better use and instead of pandering to the establishment with your glib rhetoric, do some research. A good start would be the following websites. http://www.cancertutor.com

    P.S. And please get over your smug “I’m-a-skeptic-so-I-know-it-all” attitude. It does not become you (and you might ACTUALLY help people in need).

    P.P.s. The CAPTCHA box below is idiotic – the image has numbers, not words. Very indicative of this site’s bona fides. Oh and the “Preview comment” button does not work (ditto!)

  2. Yes, university has been undermined by many courses, and certainly their are chalratins taking advantage of the vulnerable already dealling with a mongrel of a disease, some terribly. A Current Affair is no pedigree though.

    I have seen quite a few pharmacists touting magic cures and the vitamin and herb aisles prove that expensive urine is a big money maker for pharmacies.

    However, caring and treating cancer patients is about holistic care, not just surgery, not weeks of radiotherapy or cytotoxics.
    The Cancer Council has a document for patients on complimentary therapies amd cancer treatment- puts a lot in perspective and discusses evidence. People cancer journey is what works for them, complimentary therapies are there for supporting the mainstream interventions, not replacing them. If it helps someone through a horrible journey, necuase traditional interventionist are great with the scalpel or filling out a prescription, but atrocious at ‘well being’ concerns.

    Exposing quackery is one thing. Punishing everyone else just becuase of your own cancer journey isn’t.

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