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Editor’s Note: There is a major push by some academics and major corporate conglomerates to become, for want of a better description, “cognitive dictators”.
It is a process described in its earlier formative stages as “dumbing down” the population.
A form of mind control deemed necessary before a corporate “one world government” could openly emerge and sustain itself.
This system of mind control has succeeded to a point where it is now disrupting the status quo around the globe.
But this system requires money – and plenty of it – to buy the academic thinkers and politicians to promote its cause.
It’s a powerful process, but you can see it actively working “in plain view” through warped government policy that is blatantly coercive, even illegal but still driving the vaccination drug industry.
A recent example of this process was the linking of the condition of microcephaly found in a new-born segment of population located in a poor socioeconomic area of Brazil.
The condition was incorrectly ascribed to the Zika virus, a virus that has been long established in tropical regions around the world, and until recently, was not linked to any major health problem.
There was no evidence for this linkage, but evidence did exist for a pesticide that was being indiscriminately applied to the water-ways of this area of Brazil, and it was already linked to microcephaly.
The solution?
Incredible as it seems was to mass produce a vaccine against Zika virus, as well as release GM modified mosquitoes (without any evidence or trials) into the environment.
Nothing was done about the sprays because they were needed to control mosquito breeding!

Globally at risk is the health of our children specifically, but all human health is involved and sucked into this evil process as vaccine manufacturers infiltrate the bureaucracy of WHO and the national policy-makers of countries (like Australia), and the US (through CDC).

Europe, however, is beginning to wake up and is reversing many of these dangerous policies.

Judy Wilyman is still dealing with the fallout of her thesis on Australian vaccination policy that details a range of faults as well as a lack of evidence – completely unacceptable to the cognitive dictators, who work on peer group opinion rather than formal evidence.
Judy’s latest round with her critics follows:

26 August 2016

Hi all,

I have taken the liberty to send you this email because the Australian media and public health authorities are suppressing the link between vaccines and autism. Please watch this 11 min video of a criminal district attorney in the US describing the link between vaccines and autism. The evidence for this link is also provided in my PhD and this is why the media has attempted to disparage my PhD with false and misleading information.

The increase in autism is now 1 in 43-100 children (depending on the country you live in). Unless this is addressed this figure will only increase. Here is the compelling evidence in an 11 minute video of the district attorney describing this link and here is the link to my PhD on the University of Wollongong website .  

My facebook page is Vaccination Choice
This facebook page provides the peer-reviewed research that is not being promoted in the mainstream media – but is being widely circulated on social media.

Thanks for allowing me to send this to you and I hope this will initiate some debate.
Here is a link to the “Vaxxed” website where you can download the movie “Vaxxed” that exposes the fraudulent research being used by the CDC to discredit the link between vaccines and autism    

Feel free to forward this email to friends and family.

Kind regards,


31 August 2016

Open Letter

The Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health

University of Wollongong


Dear Professor Jones,

Thank you for getting involved in the vaccination debate although I am disappointed that you have attempted to suppress this debate without addressing any of the issues that have been raised. I am also intrigued that, as a toxicologist, you  stated there was no “compelling evidence” for the causal link between vaccines and autism, even though I provided significant evidence for this in my PhD thesis. Please could you explain why the evidence in my PhD thesis (specifically chapters 7 and 8), that is, peer-reviewed information, was not compelling? Which part of the evidence I provided was not compelling? You failed to address this in you critique that was published in the journal Vaccine.    

As a prominent toxicologist I would expect you might be concerned about the issue of vaccine ingredients and their health effects in humans? However, if you are like most Australians you will not be aware of the ingredients of vaccines and this makes it easier for you  to dismiss our arguments.  Here is the list of the ingredients of vaccines provided by the CDC and I hope this will help you to inform the concerned community why you believe Australia’s National Immunisation Program (NIP) is beneficial to human health? And why it would not be causing the significant increase in chronic illness and disability that we are seeing in children and adults in Australia today. This chronic disability includes autism, asthma, allergies, speech delay, neurological damage, autoimmune diseases – including many children who will never reach their potential in life. This also means parents who will be lifetime carers for their children and a huge burden on the healthcare budget.

CDC list of Vaccine Ingredients

I am very concerned that in your role as executive dean of the Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health, you have called for restrictions to academic freedom regarding scientific issues that require public scrutiny – human health cannot be protected if the science does not stand up to public scrutiny.
This is a fundamental principle of evidence-based medicine. Please read the letter below that I have sent to my global contacts because the Australian media and public health authorities in Australia will not allow this topic to be debated. The Australian community is the main stakeholder in vaccination policy yet there are many powerful pro-vaccine lobby groups in Australia that are pushing industry interests in vaccination policies.

As you are a prominent toxicologist I would like to request that you explain to the concerned community why (after reading the information I have provided to you)  you do not believe there is compelling evidence for a link between vaccines and autism. Please address the information provided in my PhD ( and also the following links:

  1. This video demonstrating that Australian public health authorities and government ministers will not defend their mandatory vaccination politics in a public debate
  2. This video presentation by doctors of the thousands of girls/boys who have not been damaged by the unproven HPV vaccine

The global community is very concerned about these issues that the mainstream Australian media will not debate, and the NCIRS, PHAA and the Telethon Institute are selecting evidence and controlling the debate. Academic information is being selectively used to promote vaccines to the community and I would like you to provide evidence for your statement that “there is no compelling evidence for the link between vaccines and autism”.

I look forward to your response so I can publish it for the community on my website.

Yours Sincerely,

Judy Wilyman PhD

From: Vaccination Decisions [] On Behalf Of Vaccination Decisions
Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2016 4:52 PM
Subject: Newsletter 124: The Film “Vaxxed” Exposing Autism Research Fraud at the CDC

The media, government and professionals are constantly claiming that the link between vaccines and autism has been discredited. This was most recently stated in the Australian media by the executive dean of the UOW Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health, Alison Jones, even though there is compelling evidence that vaccines are a plausible cause of autism – a fact that has been documented by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and a fact that has not been disproved by the IOM. This link has most definitely not been discredited and it is untruthful for authorities, the media and university professionals to promote this unproven claim. 

Further, Alison Jones recently co-authored an article that claims my thesis promotes this “discredited” link and she argues that academic freedom should be limited on public health research based on her opinion. Suggesting a limit to academic freedom is a strategy to suppress the scientific literature – the literature that does not support a desired outcome. On my website(and in my PhD thesis) I have provided compelling evidence that this link has not been discredited and Alison Jones ignored this evidence to provide her personal opinion. Here are two articles – Brian Martin and Kevin Dew – that analyse the attempt by Durrheim and Jones to suppress my UOW research on vaccines. The sentiments expressed by Durrheim and Jones in this article on public health advocacy are contrary to the scientific process and the production of evidence-based medicine for health policy.

My research is also being suppressed by the negative framing of the vaccination debate in the Australian (News Ltd) newspapers. This is being achieved with false and disparaging misinformation presented by Kylar Loussikian and John Cunningham (a leader of the SAVN and Friends in Science and Medicine lobby groups).
Many powerful pro-vaccine lobby groups are promoting industry interests in government policies so please note that the University of Wollongong is standing by my PhD research that does not support the use of all the vaccines on the government schedule.     

In addition to the many scientific papers that I have provided on my website and in my PhD thesis to support these conclusions, the vaccine-autism link is also confirmed in the film “Vaxxed”. The film documents a US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) researcher admitting that the CDC studies show that vaccines do cause autism. He also reveals that he was asked by the CDC to destroy this evidence. Fraud and misconduct are occurring within the CDC and FDA and this is not being investigated or reported by the mainstream US or Australian media – even as government’s globally introduce more vaccines to the childhood schedule and introduce mandatory policies for social welfare payments and employment. 

Journalist’s are rudely dismissing parents who have researched this topic as “anti-vaxers” and they are not reporting the serious concerns that parents have about government immunisation policies. Please take the time to watch the film Vaxxed and recommend it to your friends and family before the autism epidemic is 1 in 2 Australian children. 

Judy Wilyman PhD
The Science and Politics of Australia’s Vaccination Policies 

28 July 2016
To the University of Wollongong


Dear Professor Wellings,

Re My Open Letter sent 21 July 2016

Thankyou for your reply (28 July 2016). After sending my open letter to you on 21 July 2016 I received a response from a News Ltd journalist – Kylar Loussikian, who was interested in writing an article about my open letter to you.
As with his previous stories he twisted my comments into a negative frame misrepresenting the sentiments and ignoring the major points that I presented to him in an email (25 July 2016).
Here is the information I supplied to Kylar Loussikian that he ignored in his story in the Australian newspaper (27 July 2016).

Firstly I am very grateful to UOW for ensuring my research was completed and assessed under the appropriate academic standards as required by all Australian universities.
However, I am concerned that my name has been defamed by professional lobby groups in the mainstream media, social media and on Wikipedia, simply because I completed this research at UOW.
This is  the information that I am requesting that UOW publicly corrects.
This is not a request for UOW to intervene in the debate on my research – as was suggested in your response.
It is a request to ensure that the public is truthfully informed about the academic research I have completed at UOW.

I would like UOW to correct the false and misleading information supplied to the public by UOW academics who have presented their personal opinions of my research, either outside their area of expertise or by breaching the UOW guidelines.
It is also a request to correct the misinformation provided by members of the public who have misused the university’s processes and also the Freedom of Information (FOI) act to provide false and misleading information about my research on Wikipedia and in the mainstream media.
My request relates to the question of who is framing this debate for the public – universities or powerful lobby groups promoting industry interests in government policies.

I would like you to correct the academic record in relation to the following events that were described in my open letter on 21 July 2016:

  1. The information provided to the media by Matthew Berryman, speaking outside his area of expertise, in 2012, regarding the promotion of whooping cough vaccine to the public. Please refer to my letter dated 21 July 2016 for details. The false and misleading statements provided by Mathew Berryman in the Illawarra media from a lobby group blog are allowing the public to be misinformed about my academic research.
  2. The statement on Wikipedia that claims ‘there was sufficient evidence to pass the allegations of academic misconduct to the Student Conduct Committee’ when there was no evidence of misconduct. These false allegations were made by Dr. John Cunningham, a supporter of the Friends of Science in Medicine lobby group and the SAVN lobby group, eight years after my master of science was awarded. The allegations were publicised because the ABC journalist, Emily Laurence, provided anonymity to members of the public to present this confidential information in the media before the investigation was complete.
  3. The comments on the UOW website by Alison Jones and supported by 60 other academics, are their personal opinion of the government’s immunisation policies. UOW has stated that “it does not support or promote the individual views of its academics, students or graduates”. So why are you promoting the personal opinion of these academics, who have not studied Australia’s immunisation policies or addressed the arguments in my thesis, on the UOW website? (please refer to my original letter for more details).
  4. Why has the dean of the faculty of medicine, Alison Jones, participated in writing an article that suppresses the academic literature on vaccinations? Here is an analysis of Alison Jones article –

Please can you inform the public how these events, that involve a breach of UOW policies, assist in presenting open, honest, fair and responsible information on academic research to the public – the values stated in the UOW student/staff conduct rules? This is a summary of the information that I would like UOW to correct for the public record to ensure that academic integrity is maintained in public debates of vaccination and so that I can participate in academic debates of my research in a fair manner – the purpose of completing this research at a university.

Please ensure that you provide a response to this request so I can publish your response to the concerned community.

Kind regards,

Judy Wilyman PhD

The Science and Politics of Australia’s Vaccination Policies

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