Education – Bring it on!

I continue to be amazed at the options available to give better results to our patients.
No more is this evident in the area of complementary medicines.

Young pharmacists to whom I speak give me the impression that complementary medicines are unproven, unprofessional and almost “beneath” them from a patient care perspective.
What they are actually implying in my view is that 70 plus per cent of their patient base don’t rate in their “care portfolio”.
How sad!

In an environment where we are being asked to step up, and prove that we can be a meaningful part of the healthcare team (other than doing scripts faster and cheaper than the pharmacy down the road), we can’t afford to ignore any aspect of care.

Once the young pharmacist steps back to put themselves in the brain of the person who is unwell, and seeking a complementary medicine option, he or she has a different perception.
We are so focused on the disease state, we forget the person who presents in front of us.

The information is there, so find it.
The evidence is there, so read, understand and apply it.
The knowledge and experience will eventually be there, so use it.

After all, from a professional practice point of view, how can you allow the purchase of a product from your pharmacy if you don’t accept that your patient gains quality-of-life improvements from it?
If you are convinced that vitamin C is ineffective in immune support, how can you allow the vitamin C purchase?
Or is the dollar for your boss more important?

There are some extraordinary options coming up.
The Blackmores Institute Symposium 2016 is being held on Saturday Aug 13th all day – the lineup of speakers is worth attending.

“Setting up for Life – The Magnificence of the Infant Gut Microbiota” is a Celloid series to enhance your infant health knowledge.
Experienced practitioners will show you how to make a difference to your mothers-to-be, and to children’s health generally.

Our patients want us to help them make a difference.

Are you up for it?

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