Editorial for Sunday 8th September 2014

Welcome to i2P this week.
Things do seem to be moving in the pharmacy political arena with on the one hand, the AMA accusing the PGA of turf encroachment and consultant pharmacists accusing the PGA of conflict of interest in respect of HMR’s, their payment and their number.
It’s a bit like a three-ring circus housed in a big tent with the 6CPA becoming the main event.

It seems a bit messy from an external perspective with the prospects of all concerned being picked over by the government negotiating team.

At least the PSA is calling for a policy debate between the professions to make some sort of sense and develop some sort of cohesion.
At least it’s a good idea.

We have a range of opinion articles this week which is our contribution to the debate and should make some good reading for subscribers.
Recommended reads include “Patient-Centred Care is Giving Emotional Support”, AMA Declares War on Pharmacy, “Health Insurance – Get Involved”, “The Placebo Effect According to Seth Godin” and also a Harvey Mackay article on “Creativity”.
There is more than a week’s good read if you utilise this material for incorporation into policies and procedures, also marketing plans.

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  1. Glad to read this editorial this week. I would like to request you to uphold the need for patient centered care rather than anything else.

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