EDITORIAL For Monday 29 September, 2014

Well, what an interesting week just gone by where we see the AMA promote the idea to medical prescribers that they deprescribe!
Has it not occurred to them that for their polypharmacy patients it should be now mandatory for an HMR to be ordered?
Government take note.
Here is an area of savings for the PBS that could be supported by all stakeholders because it puts the safety and comfort of the patient to the forefront.
Thirty percent of hospital admissions over the age of 75 are directly related to polypharmacy and inappropriate prescribing.

This week we also have an interesting article on Self Care. i2P believes that it is a concept whose time has arrived after many years of nurturing by the PSA.
It also represents an opportunity for pharmacists to develop projects and embrace all aspects of self care, because it represents a good business opportunity.

You will also find a small article on US primary care clinic design.
More thought needs to be employed by Australian pharmacy to sort out how pharmacist-led clinical services will evolve, because the current petty turf war between the PGA and consultant pharmacists will not be conducive to developing a market that is now booming within the US.
If not resolved it will become an issue that could split the PGA as some of its members seek to form productive and profitable alliances with clinical pharmacist business models.

Gerald Quigley has an article promoting its usage through pharmacist recommendation and pointing to evidence sources while Loretta Marron has an article on “Fighting Quackery”.

There is also an article on workplace design and occupational health which highlights the dangers of having employees sit for extended periods while using computers.
It was coincidental that while we were researching and writing this material some very similar copy was promoted on the TV Show “Sixty Minutes”.
Well I guess it demonstrates that i2P is up to date and topical, but we may have a few more pharmacy-adaptable ideas you might be able to use.

To wrap up our publication for this week we also publish the media releases from PSA, NPS and ASMI which means that i2P readers are well centred in all that is trending within pharmacy

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